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The Most Gorgeous Gash Ever !

Christine lived about 5 houses from me. She was married and separated. I had fancied her for years. She had dark wavy hair and was of medium build, curvy and with broad hips but not a big bum. He face was saddened and told a story.

I bumped into her in the local supermarket and started a conversation - she was 31 years old and I was 26. It was a platonic conversation but I thought that I would try my chances. I asked her if she would like to go to the movies. She declined. the conversation finished soon afterwards. Later that evening I got a call from her and an apology for being so curt. She hadn't been at all. She then said that she would love to go out and that she had some tickets for a concert in Croydon (South of London).  Anyway we went and it was great if a little prim and proper. When I was saying the good night as one does, I made a move to kiss her and the kiss became very very passionate. We kissed and snogged a lot and eventually I just look at her, look down at her blouse and then started unbuttoning it. She didn't stop me and so I moved my hand onto her breast which was a good size. I cupped it and then gently lifted it and said how wonderful her breasts were. She said " My husband said that they were too big and that he found them unattractive.  I couldn't believe this and said that she was a very beautiful woman - she was.  Anyway it was getting a bit passionate and we were parked near her home. I suggested that we went inside but she didn't want to as her parents were staying. So we drove off somewhere quiet.

Parked up and with no-one to disturb us, I moved over and started fondling her breasts, then undoing her blouse, then un-cupping her breasts and burying my face between them. I noticed that she had some hairs around her aeriola and played with them. she was embarrassed. I told her that it was lovely and I wanted her to keep them and not cut them off.  Then I moved my hand down onto her legs. I pushed her legs apart slightly.  She resisted a bit then the flew apart and she pulled up her skirt and started kissing me very passionately.  There was a moon that night and it was shining down right where I wanted it - such luck.  Anyway I started up the inside of her thighs and she started moaning lightly. My **** was stiff. I ran my fingers up to her knickers and was really surprised to feel lots of hair on her thighs. I then ran my fingers along the leg part of her knickers where I found lots more hair. She suddenly stopped me and moved her legs together.  I asked her what was wrong and had I upset her. She said "No but she had not shaved". I said that that was not important and that I liked hair there a lot. She said that she had more than a lot and that her husband thought she looked horrible there and that he found her revolting. I said that that was an awful thing to say and that he must be mad. She relaxed a bit and I did all I could to raise her self esteem. I was truly shocked that a guy could be so unpleasant about his wife's essential womanhood. I eased my hand back and then moved it over the front part of her knickers. I could sort of feel a matting underneath. She was getting very aroused and then she brought her hands down and started to remove her knickers.  I slowed her down and said that I would do that!  I eased her knickers off very very slowly. She was desperate to get them off. Eventually they were right off and I pushed her legs apart and pulled her further down the seat. The moon then lit up the biggest bush I have ever seen. I had to lift her skirt right up to see where the hair ended but it was not enough. I later found out that it went right up to her belly button but it was so thick and dense. Her beautiful fleshy **** protruded a lot. and her **** lips were very thick.  I told her that she was the most sexy and erotic woman I had ever met. She was a real woman. The rise in self esteem made dramatic changes to her. She then became so much more enthusiastic. My **** was soon prised out of its restrainment and was pumped up and down by a very enthusiastic woman. I asked her  to tell me to look at her hairy ****. She smiled, paused and then with such an erotic manner said " look at my big hairy **** - does it please you?   The answer was obvious.   Oh it was a blissful evening and one of the highlights of my life.

When we met up again I trained her to part her legs a little and then ask me "Can you see up my skirt?" and then "Can you see the gap between my legs?  Does the view please you Sir?  and Shall I uncover my lovely big hairy **** for you now Sir?"  That view of her hairy **** was something to behold.  I yearn for that again. If there is a woman / girl out there in the South of England with a fine bush. I really want to hear from you!!!  really - don't be shy. go for it.

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What was her hair color. Women of Anglo-Saxon origin usually don't have so much hair. She must be mixed blood.

What a wonderful story and a very sexy lady...i am also get very turned on by a big natural hairy bush..

Nice story. Had she also hairy armpits?

As they say ."one mans chicken another mans p*****.Give me a shaven ***** for preference.

LOVE hairy *****. Nothing sexier than a hairy *****. I especially love those dark haired ladies that have hairy *****. GREAT story.<br />