Road Trip...

My wife and I are going to spend a weekend at St Pete / Clearwater beach in a couple weeks. I always love it when we go ‘out of town’ for some ‘us’ time. She is always game to give guy’s a peek when we are ‘away’, and it usually starts with packing the night before… nothing gets packed that isn’t needed . Short skirts, see through or ‘loose’ shirts and no panty/bra’s seem to fit in the bag best…

Truck drivers are always fun for her, so I expect the briefest of clothes while driving. The rest of the weekend depends on what opportunities arise. I’m pretty sure I can get ‘pajama’ breakfasts on the beach, if anyone will ‘notice’ is another story. And there will be evening walks up/down the beach, in clothes that offer opportunities, if anyone is looking. But I’m trying to think of other interesting things… anyone from that area have suggestions?

I wish I knew the area better, it is easier to make plans. We don’t get to do this often, but the last time we did, a dozen or so guys got varying looks, from quick flashes to talking to her while her skirt was pulled up.. Hopefully this trip will be as much fun 

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Good job to your both, enjoy. We enjoy her dressing in a see thru dress (check it out first and only really see good when light is right, so good for some public and no one expects this on purpose), for mall walking. Also short dress going up stars at malls really get attention from the guys. Keep up the love and fun.