My Wife's Different Techniques To Flash (dressing Room)

This happened in a shopping mall, when we were just married, she was 25.


My wife and I were shopping, well she was. She was wearing a tight fitting satin type of dress. It was about mid thigh. Not terrible short short. But that was all she was wearing. You could see her *** and body shape perfectly.


She had bare tanned legs and wearing black sandals. It made me crazy knowing that she had nothing on under that dress. If anyone looked (and everyone did) it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra or panties.


She went into a store. And this store had dressing rooms at the back of the store. there was no hallway, just dressing rooms out in the open and faced into the store. These rooms also just had curtains, not doors.


She chose a couple items with a sales girl. She entered the dressing room and didn't close the curtain all the way. She kept it open almost halfway. I stood to the side of the store and could still see inside. I watched her hang up the items and look around the room without a care that the curtain was practically open. She stood there and I watched her lift her dress over her head. I could see her perfectly. Then I noticed that the sales girl was standing with even a better view then I had. My wife knew she was putting on a show for her. I watched the sales girl watch my wife with a big smile.

I saw my wife turn around showing her bare ***, and then her bare smooth hairless *****. I could actually see her labia slit. She was in there and changed into several dresses, with each outfit she performed the same show. Turning and posing in front of the mirror pretending she did see the sales girl watching her naked smooth body, perk *******, waxed mound and *** highlighted with a tanline.


She finally emerged from the change room with an outfit she liked. She looked at herself in the dress in the mirror turning around etc. The sales girl practically pounced on her and I walked to her. The sales girl was saying how cute she looked in the dress. My wife was loving her attention and knew she stared at her and got a full look at her nude body. The sales girl started to smooth out areas of the dress, running her hands across her tight bum, belly and her breasts.


She didn't buy it. And we left.

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2 Responses Jan 28, 2010

Hi, My wife likes to show2 strangers, and she id so in a dressing room. She went5 in, and opened her dress, and waqited for a man to walk by. when one did, she took off her dress, aqnd stood there while he looked. then she slowly put on a see thru dress,, and came over to me. she said loudly enough for the guy to hear that she was going to try on two more dresses, and told me to watch. she said she would leave the curtain open, but if I wanted someone to look, I had to tell them to. I said for her to take her time, and that I,d stand right there. She walked by the man, and stopped, and said that she was changing rooms so I could look, and if I got someone, to let her know. I walked over, and said to the guy looking at her to help me pick out my wifes dress. he acted like he didn't know what I MEANT, AND SHE came back and aqsked me to get her a drink of water. I told her that the man was going to act like me, and she could trust him. she left the curtaqin open, and took off the dress. he smiled, aqnd said herd, be happy to help. when I returned witht a bottle of water. she was standing there with her **** showing, and told me she used baby oil. he said if she wanted to get attebtion she should wet her ***, and she did. I told the guy that we were trying to find someone who was interested, and I liked to watch her. he said he was, and stood by the door

Wow, did the sales girl want more I wonder?