Trip 2

So it's been a while to finish but here's how the night from the story trip 1 ended ! So my wife walked up to me at the bar and sat on the stool next to me ! I was blown away cause even with her legs crossed in this tiny skirt I could see her white panties showing ! We had a couple drinks and moved on to the next bar down the ***** , as we got up to leave I could tell the guys were upset she was leaving . So now at the next bar we sat next to a the dance floor , by the time we got our drinks we had made friends with the table next to us ! It was a couple out in the town with the girls father , he was bitching that nobody danced anymore ! Well I offered my wife as a dance partner , this would be my opportunity to check her out fully as well ! The two danced a couple of songs and all eyes were on her , he led great and put her in a few spins each time her light short skirt flared up showing her sweet *** and white thong ! Sometimes she would hold it down others times not so much cause she knew I was enjoying it ! I was amazed that her DD's stayed in the top there was so much showing ! Well after their set the older gentleman said he was tired and wanted to rest when I looked around there were 20 guys leaning on the rail that booed when they quit ! We then Said goodbye to our friends and headed to the bar stools ! We got two stools and ordered drinks and I told her how hot she was and that I enjoyed watching her dance ! I also told her that it was hot to see her panties flashing in front of everyone ! She then told me how she knew I liked that and reached out and grabbed my still rock hard ()$& ! I said wow your feeling frisky another couple drinks and I'll have your panties off ! Then she shocked me and said why wait and pulled them off slow and sexy while sitting on the bar stool right there at the bar ! We were surrounded by people and a guy to my right patted me on the shoulder and told me I was one lucky bastard I just said , I know ! We finished our drinks there the whole time she was facing me so the shoulder tap guy had a great view of her ****** ! Sometimes she would act like she was looking at the dance floor and twist in her seat spreading her legs more and we'd both get a great view ! Then she said I've got to go to the ladies room and she put her right leg up on my barstool and fake adjusted her platform shoe while leaving the other leg down , I leaned back just a bit to assure our neighbor didn't miss anything ! When she returned she straddled the stool and told me she wanted to go the music lounge in another casino ! While I payed the tab she just sat there straddling the stool with her hands in front of her barley blocking her fully exposed -/:;($& ! The escalator ride was fun cause we had a couple young guys behind us that were checking out her *** , I don't know of from their angle they could see her beautiful :;)$&- but I'd guess they may have ! We arrived at the lounge and decided to sit in the lounge chairs and not at the crowded bar ! She sat to my left and we were sitting so we faced the bar she seemed to calm down and was ready to relax and listen to some casual music as she sat thee with her legs crossed ! I went to the bar to order drinks while I was there I turned to look at her . Sitting where she was with her legs crossed I could clearly see the top of her -/;()$$ and 3 inches of skin over it almost to her belly button , it was obvious that she wasn't wearing panties and didn't care anymore ! I watched as a guy approached her he said something and she planted both feet on the floor as she uncrossed her legs to lean forward to hear him , from where I stood I could see everything it was so hot and I knew this stranger had a better view then me ! She then pointed to her finger and then to me tote the guy know she was spoken for ! He shook her hand and walked away as he passed me he said your a lucky son of a ***** , I just said I know ! He sat on a stool and ordered as I headed back to my sexy wife as I got close she gave me a slow leg cross switch I couldn't tell you who else saw nor did I care we were both in the horny zone . Now is when she did the hottest thing ever ! The guy at the bar must have told his friends what he saw cause there were about five young guys looking her way. My babe said those guys really want to see my p;$$/ and I'm gonna show them , she then uncrossed her legs leaned forward and played with her shoe straps for a second and then sat back in the chair leaving her legs wide open threw her head back and played with her hair for a couple seconds ! It seems like a hour but the whole thing only lasted like 10 seconds but it was so hot I can't even explain ! I'm sure those guys still talk about it , right after that move I took her upstairs to the room and took care of business ! We talked about it while sc;&@$"- and it helped get us both off greatly ! Look forward to our next trip !
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You really aare a lucky guy...