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My wife has always been quite reserved - but has managed to surprise me a couple times recently by flashing in public.


The first time was when we were lying on the grass in a city park after a picnic.  She had a light knee length skirt on - and with her knees slightly bent it had ridden up her legs to show off a fair bit of thigh. We were chatting away and I noticed a guy on a bench across the way trying to get a good view up her skirt. This turned me on - giving me a huge erection - the thought of her exciting him. But after a while I thought I had better tell her before she realised what was going on and that I had already noticed. Anyway - when i did she was not flustered at all. She just said 'let him look' and bent her legs a bit more letting the skirt ride up some more and then open her knees enough for him to see her hairy *****. I was shocked and turned on all at once!

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I know exactly where you are ******* from. The excitement is intense, especially when you relate it to her during sex and explode at that special moment.