Going A Little Further

We had a bunch of folks over last night which included a friend of ours my wife has flirted very heavy with in the past. We had not seen them very much because I believe his wife became uncomfortable with the quick greeting and parting kisses, his arm around her with his hand dangerously near her breasts, their slow dancing and the playfulness after a few drinks. I have always enjoyed watching him see how close he could get to her. Well last night even his wife was having a great time and no sign of flirting probably out of respect for his wife and his kids were running around. Later in the evening, some of the kids got into water fights with their bottled water and some of the adults got in on it and soon the birthday cake got involved and some of the kids and adults were getting pretty messy. It was fun to watch. Soon, my friend picks up a handful of cake and starts chasing my wife. She ran laughing into the back yard where I could hear that he finally caught her. They came back out with cake speared in their hair, faces and clothing. It was all in fun. It wasn't until later when she was changing into her night clothes that she had some cake inside her clothing as well. When she pulled off her shirt, cake icing was smeared across her chest and disappeared down into her shelf bra. When she popped off her bra I saw his icing finger smears all over both of her big boobs. She looked down at herself and said that she guesses he still likes her. He had gotten more than just handfuls of cake that night and I got to clean her up.
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Whoa!! He got a nice double handful...too bad he didnt get to lick off the frosting!

Great story! Too bad there were so many kids around. Things may have gotten real interesting. Hmmmmm......