My Hot Blonde Wife Loves To Tease At Clubs

Let me begin by describing my wife to you. She is about 5'4", blonde, Brazillian, with medium natural breasts, perfect soft and smooth athletic legs, and the most amazing *** you could dream of. She has always been very touchy and talkative with other men in front of me (especially if she has been drinking), but i have never been jealous as i am very comfortable with myself. She loves clothes and is absolutely obsessed with being sexy and fashionable. When we go out to bars or clubs, she takes literally an hour and a half to get ready, but it is well worth it....
When we walk into bars or clubs, eyes shift, and heads turn, and they dont move away from my wife for some time. She loves to wear super short sexy skirts, with very high heels that only accent her legs and *** more. She likes it when everyone checks her out, and so do i. I dont know why but it really turns me on knowing every guy around wants a piece of my wife.
Any way, on to our experience with this together. It started the first time at a roof-top party. We were drinking and dancing and meeting new people. At some point my wife ran into an old "friend" that she had not seen in a long time. Her friend was a young athletic, (and not being gay at all, just honest) and generally good looking man. I can read people very easily, especially my wife, and i could tell instantly that she was attracted to him. She was laughing and playfully touching him on his arm, shoulder, and chest. Eventually i had to excuse myself to use the restroom, and upon my return i found her sitting right next to him on the couch, her leg resting against his. At first i was quite upset that she would so openly flirt with another man, but then as i watched i began to get hot, and couldnt help myself by just observing a bit longer. I liked the way she would shift her legs around, allowing quick, but obvious flashes up her skirt; and how every time she moved her legs, her skirt would slide up higher and higher to reveal more and more leg. At this point i could see every guy that was in the area staring at my wife, and could see the raw desire in their eyes for her. As soon as i made myself more visible she shifted away from her friend and greeted me by standing, pulling her skirt down and giving me a big hug and kiss.
That night when we got home, we had some fantastic sex. We were both intoxicated, and while kissing her body, I just let it slip that i saw her flirting and teasing that guy. She immediately denied the claim, and said she was just being friendly. I told her i know she is lying to me, and that it was ok, because it made me super horny. We proceeded to each have incredible ********... She came 3 times in 5 mintues while i was talking about how sexy she looked teasing.
After sex, we discussed this fantasy, and i told her how I only like the idea of the teasing, anything beyond that was NOT ok. She said of course, dont worry i would never, and then i proceeded to finger her one last time until she came.

Just last weekend was the first time we decided to act purposefully on this fantasy. It was an incredible night, and is the motivation for me to post the story on here.

We found a super popular, up scale club/lounge to go to saturday night. We had a few glasses of wine at home just to set up the mood for the evening. When she was getting ready, she came up the me and asked me exactly what i would like her to wear that night. :D
She almost never asks me what i want her to wear. I told her what to put on, and this is what she came out of the bedroom wearing:
As she entered the living room I stared at her from the feet up... She had on my favorite heels of hers, a wedge 4 inch heel that has two straps that lace up her calf. She had on my favorite jean mini skirt, that was so short it only barely covers the bottom of her *** cheeks, so short in fact that if she bent over even slightly, she would reveal her panties, which was a tiny white sheer thong. This thong was also my favorite because the straps that wrap around her hips to her *** are very soft and feel very good to play with. The thong is also somewhat see through at the crotch, but when she gets wet it become totally clear, and you can see her perfect pink ***** with ease. Her top was a loose, backless, pink blouse. It was low cut, and she had on a leopard patterned padded push up bra, that made her **** look huge. Her makeup was very dark around the eyes, and she had on a super shiny, frosted lip gloss... She looked RIDICULOUSLY SEXY! I had never seen her look so tempting, so sexual, so god damn slutty! I got a huge hard on as soon as she walked in. My heart was pounding, and she saw how nervous and hot i was, and she immediately came over and blew me off so i wouldnt have a loaded gun for the night. :D

As we were leaving the house, i couldnt stop staring at her. When we got into the car i looked over and noticed how short this jean skirt actually was. As soon as she sat down her round plump *** filled up the skirt and made it ride right up to her crotch. Every inch of her legs were showing. She looked at me, smiled, and told me her ***** was wet already, just from feeling so sexy and the idea of the night to come.

When we got to the club there was absolutely no parking to be found... She was in those heels and i knew she wouldnt want to walk far. Against my feelings at the time, since it was our first night doing this, and she was looking so... available? .... i told her i would have to drop her off and go park a few blocks away. She looked at me frightened in fact, she said "are you sure babe?" I told her i would only be 5 minutes because i will walk very fast to get back to her. She got out, and as she was walking towards the club my eyes were fixated on that ***, just barely covered by her skirt.
I parked super fast, and literally ran back to the club. It was PACKED! I went in and saw her standing at the bar, attempting to order a drink. Not to my surprise there was a HUGE muscular man standing right behind her talking into her ear. She was smiling, and blushing. I walked to the end of the bar to get a better view, and could see that the man was pressing a HUGE bulge in his pants right against my wife's ***. She glanced at me, and i could see the nervousness in her eyes. I got the hint, and proceeded to walk up and say "Hey, sorry dude but she is most definitely taken." He walked away, and i ordered us two VERY strong drinks... On the drive over i think we both sobered up too much for the nerves of this first time to dissipate.
We took our drinks to a booth and sat down. I noticed how many eyes looked over, saw her, then looked at every inch of her as she went by. By the time we got to the booth she was bright red, and had a huge naughty smile on her face. As we sat down her tiny jean skirt once again rode right up her legs. Every swinging **** in that club was staring at her. I had a rock hard ****, and i could tell she was getting horny from the attention. We decided to drink a bit more before moving forward, and every time i went to get us two more drinks, i would come back to either one, or TWO guys sitting next to her, checking her out and "talking". Man was this fun.
Eventually the music picked up, and the booze kicked in. We were ready to have some fun. I went out for a smoke, and told her, "have fun baby, you sexy naughty girl." That threw her over the edge.... i saw it.
When i came in from my smoke she was at the bar, talking to two men. She was moving a bit with the music, and her skirt was slowly sliding up her thighs. She was somewhat drunk and was touching and rubbing both men as she talked and laughed. I took note of the bulges in their pants, and the desire in their eyes. I watched as she had a couple drinks with these two, and eventually started to dance with them. She would dance and turn, and brush her *** across their crotches. Her **** were bouncing and her blouse was flowing. As i watched i saw her thong slowly slide out of the back of her skirt, and the white straps tight against her hips were tantalizingly visible. As she danced and teased, more and more men drifted their way towards her to get a better look. She would dance right up in front of one guy, pressing her **** against his chest and revealing a huge amount of her breasts, then turn with the beat, and lightly rub her *** on another guys bulge. At one point one of the first guys pulled her *** harder against his crotch. I nearly got up and stopped this, but i saw that she liked it, and decided to let it roll. It was dark in that club, but i could see her skirt was now half way up her *** as she grinds it against this guy. He put one hand on her shoulder, and the other began to play with her thong that was around her hips. He began to slide his hand around the front, and she gently, but forcefully moved it back and threw him an obvious warning look. MAN this whole situation made me SO hot! Watching her be SO naughty and daring, and tease so much, but always knowing she was all mine.
After about 40 minutes of observing, i moved my way in. As soon as i was on the dance floor and got close to her, she drifted right over to me, just like i was another guy, but she remained there with me permanently. All the guys in that whole place gave me bad looks the rest of the night, all of them just couldn't hide their jealousy. We danced naughty for another half hour, the whole time i would play with her thong, rub her legs and ****, and simply show her off more and more to everyone who wanted a piece. We went back to the bar for a final round, and as she sat down she let me glimpse her *****. It was LITERALLY dripping wet. There were streams of her juice on the insides of her thighs. Her thong looked like glass there was so much.
This night was the hottest night of my life. She blew me immediately when we got into the car, and we ****** 5 times that night, all the while describing how sexy she was teasing and flirting. I can not wait for the next time we decide to do this again. The only problem is i dont know if there is an outfit i can come up with that will match the one of that night.

IF, IF, IF you read this entire story, and IF you enjoyed it, and IF you got hot while reading it, let me know.... because i have a few pics of my wife in that jean skirt, and it is a very similar outfit overall. IF you meet all the IF's, i might email you a look at her.
Thanks for reading.
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Loved your story. I'm also interested in this scenario. Please send pics of you sexy wife

I read the whole story and really enjoyed it. Now I am so hot and hard. I want to jerk off to her pictures while my wife sleeps beside me.

All I can say is... WOW! Thank you for sharing!

I loved the story. Really hot. I remember when my wife would dress really sexy like that. She is just as hot but she has been in mommy mode for the last few years. Trying to get her back to that naughty feeling. IF. IF. I would love to see those jeans pics of your wife.

my wife and I do this all the time but at swingers club. She too spends a long time preparing herself at home first, then wears a micro mini and a deep cut backless top, stockings and garter belt and 6 inch heels, no bra or panties. I walk in first to the club so I can watch her enter alone and strut around like a **** looking for action. In no time guys are dancing dirty with her, she is sandwiched, her big 36c **** are hanging out, her tight milk chocolate *** is visible and she is being fingered on the dance floor. I love watching her let these strangers play with her as she rubs their crotches. She will take them back to a sofa and spread her legs wide open to be licked while she sucks deep. Then she will continue to walk around, going up to a guy or a group of guys and let them put their hands all over her body. We both love this game. Our next big step will be letting the men slide deep inside her...

Your wife sounds sexy!!

we enjoy the same games that you two do. My wife has chocolate smooth skin, shaved with tight ***, big 36c, nipples that are always hard, slim and loves to dress sexy. She will dress like a **** with 6 inch heels, stockings and garter belt, tiny thin micro mini that barely covers her ***** and ***, and backless top with deep V in front that barely hold her mounds. Never a bra or panties so she is easily accessible. We like to go to swingers club in the Rome (Italy) area. I will enter first and find a good place to watch her enter on her own so every guy thinks she is alone. I will watch her tease, dance dirty, let them touch her all over, lap dance, suck them as her legs are spread wide and she is licked. We follow only two rules: no kissing and no ****ing others. But everything else is allowed. She's been in groups, been tied on a cross and beat. There is something very exciting about watching other strangers with my wife, seeing her in another man's arms, seeing her sandwiched by two, watching everybody enjoying her once they realize she is there for their pleasure, and knowing what is really going through their minds and knowing they won't get everything they want from her. Look us up when you visit Rome...

You describe her very nicely. Hell. I'd love to **** her without even looking at her.

Very hot the look but you can't touch aspect made my **** hard and now I have to hide it as I ride home on the train. Would have made it hotter if see whispered in my ear that her husband was watching and gets excited doing so.

I would love to see the jeans pics

Super hot story, I love it.

Yep. You got all the "ifs" covered! LOL! That is a very hot night of playing for sure!

Dude...I am completly with you...My wife and I done exactly the same thing several times in the rave days...I cannot get across the intersity of the buzz we both experienced, I thought my heart was going to explode..
happy days my friend lol
theres not many of us that are that lucky..long may it continue..

Great story!

great story!!!!!!

super hot writing and definitely our kind of fun!

****** hot!

That was an incredibly hot story!

What a sexy hot story. I luved it and you are so lucky that your wife does that for you.
My wife does it for me and we are an older couple, but she is so sexy, it is east for to get picked up. Enjoy youselves doing this I knaow we do

Your wife likes to get dicked?

Great writing! Great story!

wow, amazing story. thanks for sharing. would love to see those pics

That's so HOT!!! I hope my wife gets wild like that someday soon!!! I'ld love to see pics... so sexy!

EXTREMELY HOTT.would soo love to see your wife!

loved it!!!

Hot story. Your a great hubby for being so open with her, allowing her to bloom like a flower. I'm sure she's very lovely. Yur are a lucky man

I definitely meet the IFs and would love to see more. I'm trying to convince my wife to do some picture sharing, hopefully it works out!

Thanks for reading and commenting. I really enjoyed writing this story. Hit me up IF you get all the IF's. :P

would love to see that. Sounds very hot.