What's Up With My Wife?

Ok, Kathy's always been a flirt, but except for a short time when we separated, she' never given me a reason to believe she's been unfaithfull. Lately she's been wearing shorter skirts and dresses and seems preoccupied with her appearance. I love it and she knows it but still, it's really not her. What is going on? Our sex life has changed as well. She's much hotter in bed, kind of reverting to the way she was when I first met her...could not get enough of me. But what really has me worried is her questions during sex and her reaction to my answers. She asks me if she's attractive. I tell her she's gorgeous and that any man would take my place this very second. This always illicits a moan and she says "like who for instance". I'll give her a name of a mutual male acquaintance and she will say something, like really?, he would like to **** me, or what would he like to do to me? As I tell her something like, yes, he would like to eat your ***** and **** you night long she goes wild, bucking her hips and moaning loudly until I feel her contractions begin. It's always a different guy's name but always ends in wild ecstasy for her...like maybe I'm not even there and it's someone else she can't get enough of. I think next time I'll use my name and see what happens. What do you think?
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1 Response May 20, 2012

your wife is opening up to you her sexual fantasies. since your groups seem to indicate that you'd like her to have another man... just go with the flow... don't push anything, listen and learn.<br />
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the short dresses and new "look" definately indicate a new interest in attracting men. but that may be all it is... and then maybe not. since she probably knows of your kinky desire for her to do others.... she may be toying with the idea. hope you're ready for that. lolol