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It Has Always Turned Me On

My wife has always been somewhat of a flirt, and I always encourage her to do it. I really get a hard-on when I see her paying attention to another guy and I have never been jealous, and I think my attitude towards flirting encourages her. I think we both enjoy her personality. The biggest compliment another guy can give me is to say...."she's such a flirt!" To tell you the truth, I wish that she would do tiny little things going beyond flashing her breasts or a little look up the skirt (with or without panties). Now....THAT would be hot! Gotta work on those. What's really exciting is that I don't think it take much encouraging. other thing tho', I always get hot and hard when she tells me she's flirted.

oneluckyhubby oneluckyhubby 56-60, M 1 Response Dec 18, 2012

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You and I are in exactly the same situation. I get so turned on watching my wife flirt when we are out drinking and dancing. She will go without panties sometimes but so far she only lets me get to touch her bare ***** when we are out, I hope that changes in the future