Wife Loves to Tease Others

My wife started flirting with a younger fellow that used to stop by to visit.  I picked up on it and it turned me on. She would stare at his Cr**tch and show him a little pa**ntilessness . After we would have the fantastic S*X. one night he was there and I came home and peaked thru the window he was standing in front of her with a huge bulge sticking straight out and she was on the couch with her legs open... I should have waited to see what would happen but did not want to get caught peeking by neighbors. We never spoke of it but even now after all those years she still teases like that,, I love it   I have to admit that person was her nephew,, they were alone quite a bit I have often wondered how far they went   It lasted about 4 years,

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5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Maybe they had great sex you should have waited...

It has been a while since I wrote this and still on my mind. I truly truly wished I waited.

The nephew part definitely adds the excitement of something taboo - I think she might be the kind of girl who likes the thrill of breaking rules.

Nice story! I had a similiar experience with my aunt. She was divorced at the time. During the summer sometimes we would go to visit her with my Mom. I was around 10 or 12 at the time. She would wear the shorty babydoll nighties and walk around the house during the mornings. She was such a turn on. I know I was rock hard watching her. Now, years later, I really believe she was doing it for the tease effect that she knew it was doing to me.

I was seduced by my step Aunt Mrs. G and the her busty friend Mrs Peters. I was young, but they both taught me a lot about sex. I still get hard thing about it today. My aunt also had sex with Mike, Mrs. Peters son I found out later.

Thanks for sharing that,, my wife never made me watch and I never knew how far they went when I was not there,, Did your Aunt start suddenly like that or did you notice little acts leading up to it