My Wife Prepares For My Long Trip Abroad

Hi, I am 42 year old married man; my wife is two years younger but could easily be held for 35. She is slim, well trained, a petite with a terrific endurance and attractive presence.

I have recently taken on a job for 4 months in another part of the world, a trip that I had to undertake on my own as my wife has her own professional obligations.

My wife has always been faithful to me, up to the point that she did not seem too interested in other men. That changed about two months prior to my departure. We were taking our last vacation together in a sunny beachplace and I had given her a nice see through dress for at the pool side. When she unpacked it she first reacted surprised, but then she smiled and said “this will make me feel really sexy.. I will wear it a lot when you are gone…” and laughed. She put on her bikini and then the dress. There was a surplus of men around the pool, probably a conference going on. She enjoyed the looks she got from many as she passed by, and when we took our deckchairs. She looked at me with a naughty smile, one I had not seen for years. After we both had a swim I told her I would go back to the hotel for a sauna.

Instead I went up to our room that overlooked the pool. There I saw how she “innocently” looked around to see how much attention she was getting, after which she put on her see through dress over her bikini and then took off her bikini top and string in a smooth motion. Then she laid backwards, with a book, and one leg bent nicely, certainly giving a magnificient view. After an hour of teasing the men around her I texted her a message saying I was waiting for her in the room with a bottle of champagne. She slowly got up  and left the scene with her book, towel and bikini in her hands, and tens of men watching her **** and *** through the dress.

In the hotel room I made her stand with her hands against the window overlooking the pool and then gave her what she asked for. At least two men around the pool saw her get screwed hard.

During dinner we had many men look into our direction. We chatted a lot about my trip, and what it would mean for her to be on her own. I told her I much wanted her to feel like a sensual woman while I was gone. She promised me that she would ensure she would get lots of attention, having experienced that day how much it turned her on.

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46-50, M
Feb 15, 2010