Ilove To Flirt

I love trying to get my husband hot by flirting with other men...sometimes with another woman. I love to chat with a guy at the bar. I'll raise my arms up to my head so I can present my breasts in  more sexual manner. I know my husband watches. I love touching men when I talk to them. If they put their hands on my thighs I'll try to position myself so my husband can see better. The same when I dance. I always try to ensure my husband can alsways get a good view...if not where's the fun! lol. One thing I love to do is flash my hubby so he can see up my skirt if im sitting at the bar with another guy.

kellyjon kellyjon
41-45, F
12 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Such sexy fun! You are a playful minx! Love it when my wife gets like that. You know she is getting into it when she keeps putting her hands up to her hair, always fussing, fixing, re-fixing... Is fun to watch! ;)

I love when my wife flirts that way, nothing get me more aroused!

You are a sexy minx! Have seen my wife do the same and more. Now it gives us both a thrill.

this is a fantasy my wife and often share as we talk fantasies. this happens to be my fav {love it}

i really love if my wife would do the same but actually she is a bit conservative

I would love my wife to do the same. U have onelucky man!

I love watching my fiance flirt when time allows and we're in the right setting. There's just something so hot about the way another man looks her over while talking to her, knowing what's going through his head.

your amazing lady cheers

Gotta luv a gal who likes harmless fun like that!

Well come and go further with me ;-)

I know...he keeps tell me to. Dirty old man he is!

you do know your husband is waiting on pins and needles to see ya go further! Bill