One Of My Fantasies...

I love the idea of my girlfiend dressing up in really slutty, revealing clothes, and going out for a drink together. I imagine things starting off with her in control and flirting with a couple her of burly older guys, maybe making a humiliating comment in my direction about not being given a decent f*cking for a long time. Within minutes things would get a bit out of hand, as she finds herself surrounded by a group of leering guys, who start making crude comments about her whilst she stands between them barely clothed, horny and increasingly submissive. The guys begin inspecting my girlfriend's helpless but eager body, pulling at her flimsy, scanty little bra to reveal her nipples, playing with her **** and fingering her *****, all the while telling her how dirty she is.

The scene would finish with her having a muffled ****** with another guy's fingers inside her, and the men all laughing heartily about what happened. She would then ask the guys for their phone numbers, and to text or call her anytime if they wanted to chat or meet up...

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26-30, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Yeah man! That would be my idea too of the perfect evening out with the wife. I like to inagine where things might go from there.