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Wife Touched Up In Family Cinema

I know this story is very tame compared to some on here but this did happen in a normal cinema in England full of families, etc.....

I always got turned on with the thought of my wife flirting with other guys but nothing ever happened in reality until last night. We went to a decent cinema where people do tend to dress smartly as it's often a precursor to going out clubbing.

My wife is in her late 30's but has a pretty good figure, gorgeous face and amazing legs. On these occasions she tends to show her legs off with mini skirts and heels. Last night was no exception. We had seats booked at the end an aisle,with me sat at the end and her one-in. Just before start of film a couple came in and sat next to us with the guy (late 20's I'd say) sitting next to my wife.

I always enjoy looking at my wife's legs and I could soon tell the guy had similar ideas. His wife/gf was fit but my wife's legs were better. During film I noticed her right leg and his left leg were very close together, with thighs almost touching. Then my wife crossed her legs, putting her left shoe in front of the guys 'space' - if you know what I mean. I couldn't see their feet in the darkness but my hunch was that they were paying footsie due to the movement of my wife's leg. After 10 mins or so, they returned their legs to the original position with a few cm's separating their thighs.

After a while I noticed the guy resting his hand on his left leg and then i watched with interest (and a hardon) as his hand edged it way across to my wife's thigh until it was wedged between their thighs. I definitely noticed my wife exert some pressure to squeeze his hand between their legs as she moved her leg towards his. He proceed de to start stroking her thigh with the back of his hand. I think for fear of being seen he didn't do it for long.

Hugely erotic but I thought it was all over. However, he crossed his arms so his right hand was close to the side of my wife's stomach/tummy. Again I couldn't see too well but he was moving his fingers against my wife's tummy and pulled her blouse out of her skirt so he could touch her flesh.

Afterwards nothing was said as my wife would be horrified if she knew I'd noticed. She plays it very straight but I know she loves the odd flirt and I find it a huge turn-on.

Comments welcome please
c16mjh c16mjh 36-40, M 5 Responses Feb 9, 2011

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it is a great turn-on,when a little safe fumble happens.If everybody involved consents,it can lead to wonderful foreplay.<br />
Many people in strong relationships enjoy a little action outside the marital circle.<br />
It certainly helps if the couple agree how far things can go before anything happens.

Great story, I would have done the same as you...enjoy the show and kept quiet...

anyone interested in doing this in a cinema in london?

The thought of some casual touching in the theater is always so very stimulating. Actually, one of my fantacies is to go to the theater with another guy and a gal, between us, and a whole lot of touching, hands under blouse and hand in pocket.

Fantastic! Sounds like everyone had fun, except maybe the other gal. Anyway, thanks for sharing.