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Showing Her Panties In A Club

My wife and I were in a club. She had on a low cut blouse and mini skirt. She was drunk so didn't realize as we sat her panties were visible. Sheer pink panties so her lips were visible. Several guys near us were staring up her skirt. A couple stood close to us to stare down her blouse. I went to the bathroom. When I got back the guys wer all sitting around her hitting on her, hands on her legs and boobs. Some of their girlfriends angrily collected them but she let two bring her to our car where she ****** them. Another night a guy hit on her in front of his wife and took a pic of her cleavage, **** practically showing. When his wife stepped awaycwe found a secluded spot and my wife sucked him off til he came on her boobs.
kowfred kowfred 36-40 3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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I kinda did the same thing lol
It was a dare, hvn lunch at the bar on our trip to the mall, sitting next to several older men watching up panty/muffin shots while sliding a big fat round sucker in and out of my mouth suggesting oral sex (:

Very hot! Did any of them or all of them take you up on it? I've got an all day lolipop for you, everlasting gobstopper, never gets smaller no matter how long you suck.

no I was just teasing em lol

I bet you made their day anyway

Good for you !

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So hot. Loved it really

wow....great story...has she been with other men before...and since