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**** Wife Symbol

I know it isn't true, but my wife and I like to pretend that her wearing an ankle bracelet is an advertisement for the fact that she is a "shared, **** wife."  She isn't.  Well... at least the part about being shared, but in bed she is as big a **** as anyone could ever hope to have.  She'll do anything but anal, and I do mean anything!  LOVES facials.  When we go out and men glance down at her anklet it makes my **** tingle.  I'd like to say to them, "Want to **** her!  Or have her suck your ****? She'll do it!"  Maybe someday.  One can always hope....

Craver Craver 66-70, M 2 Responses Nov 25, 2009

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Please PLEASE! tell me of a site or place that sells these. I am for sure going to get one for my wife. She deserves one badly. my y emale is same name, emal me PLEASE!!! I will have a hardon all day long as she goes out with it on.

I have found anklets at **** or (hope that helps you).

sites slow to open, but will look more once they speed up. So far it looks like stuff she already has. But I love your replying

For my sweet sixteen birthday my best friend Kay gave me a very nice gold ID bracelet and a certificate for engraving the nameplate with anything I wanted. She told me that an anklet worn on the right means "hotgirl/hotwife available for sex -- ask my boyfriend/husband". When I'm not in a relationship (and sometimes even when I am!) I wear it on my left ankle where it means "**** available for sex -- ask me".<br />
<br />
I paid extra to have both sides deeply engraved with letters as large as would fit so they are easy to read. It says "I'M A BAD GIRL" on one side and "SPANK ME!" upside down on the other side. It flips back & forth as I dance or move or walk so which message someone sees is fifty/fifty and if they keep checking it out it changes!!!<br />
<br />
(Now I wear it often but back then I couldn't wear it to School, it would have been confiscated if a teacher saw it.)