What Will They Think Of Me?

I’m certain that everyone in public doesn’t agree with or share my adoration and love for my wife’s sexiness.  We’ve realized those folks can go soak their heads and turn their eyes!  At first, she was all worried about what the prudes and witches would wonder about her.  Silly prudes and witches that have no bearing on her life and no prospect of being her friends any way.  Then, she realized that besides treating me to wonderful moments all through the day, she was providing excitement for men and woman.  There's something extraordinary about a man with a giant grin on his face, truly and sincerely happy to have noticed you!  And imagine the effect that her revealing attire has on the women as they fantasize about affecting their men that way!  

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Great that you don't let social constraints control your lives. My wife and I agree with you 100%.
Once a stranger said "Hello Bob to me" while my wife and I were riding on a trolley. My wife was wearing a low cut blouse, with her tat completely exposed. I replied Hello, just to be friendly. My wife asked me if I knew him. I told her, no I don't know him. Then she asked me how does he know your name. The other guy and I looked at my name showing on her almost completely naked ***, everything above the nipples, and started laughing. When my wife realized he could see my name on her ***, she got a little embarrassed. The other guys wife was mad that her husband was enjoying my wife's **** so much. But it was all in fun.

Couldn't agree more. Those smiles from appreciating men [and some women] typically affect their outlook for the balance of the day, making the world a littler better as their positive mood is then passed on to others. Have several specific memories of women who have brought a smile that brightened that day and again each time I recall them.

Sounds like it's time to share with another man.

Thanks BJ. I've read you and your husband's stories and am quite certain your husband feels the same about you!

I'm sure you would and we'd appreciate it! Maybe you'd get lucky and I'd drop a penny for her to pick up while you watched from behind! I really need to make sure I keep change in my pants pockets - A poor guy missed a great opportunity the other day because I was broke!