My Wife Loves Wearing See Thru Clothes In Public

I married the perfect partner!

I have always loved seeing confident women walking around in public wearing see-thru tops with no bras

My wife loves showing off like this too - she is always wearing see thru tops, or t-shirts with no bra and she loves the attention that she attracts - I love it because I know that men looking at her are envious of me, they can only look, but I can touch

She says that it turns her on to know that so many men are looking at her and, maybe, thinking about her when they get home!

I have put together some photos taken over the years and put them in an album in my profile for us and all to enjoy and will update with more if they are popular
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She Looks fabulous wonderful breast and blouse

I am aroused by your see thru blouse.
If only my wife have half your guts.
Why don't you try to put on a white or biege white blouse with bright red bra seen complete thru.
I could imagine f.... you if you dare !!

She's hot

That's the best. Love it

add me pls

She sounds (and looks) great.
I definitely got turned on when I have had those rare occasions to see a woman in something see through.

When I see women wearing see-thru, for sure I get an erection!
And my wife will suffer when I get home because I will release it all on her.
The other day, at a hypermarket, I managed to witness a young girl wearing a very sheer transparent biege color blouse with her bright red skimpy bra seen thru completely, I was not myself anymore. Moreover she was a matching red skirt, carrying a red handbag and on high heel red shoes. I was dumbfolded beyond words.
Luckily it so happened my wife was with me and I couldn't withstand the pressure anymore, without wasting time, I dragged her along with me and booked a room, and f ... her until thy kingdom come.

the picture is great

Love the blouse and all that it contains. I wish you would add me to your circle of friends so I could rate the other photos.

i love to see woman in see through tops my wife wares them all the time rbaker

i am a big fan of her and enjoy the sheer tops she likes to wear.

You're one lucky guy. Tell your wife she has something to be proud of. Enjoyed the picture.

Lucky man is what you are. My wife absolutely refuses to do anything like that. I can't even get her to do it for in the privacy of our own home. I bought her a few things that were see thru but they conveniently disappeared. Some guys have all the luck.

She sounds perfect! I am envious of you. I'd love taking her everywhere to show off her lovely nipples.

nice to know she is like this

Looks great, good to see other women do this besides myself.

She sounds fantastic and has such perky nipples. Looking forward to see her many revealing outfits.

Oh yes...looks good to me. dc:-)

The perfect partner indeed. That pool scene on the steps in one of your other posts reminds me of a visit we had years ago.