See Through Dress

My wife and I were going out one night and she was wearing a pastel colored dress that she had just purchased online. Later on, we arrived at our favorite restaurant and sat outdoors. As the waiter was leading us to our table, my wife was walking in front of me. That's when I noticed how sheer her dress was. My wife was wearing white thong panties that were totally visible through her dress. At first, I was very uncomfortable, but after a few drinks, I decided not to bring it to her attention. For the rest of the evening I simply enjoyed the view.  
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10 Responses Mar 22, 2011

Now that's awesome, don't spoil the fun

Enjoy the show.

Wonderful story, Dare I ask what was it you had for desert?

Good for you. I'm sure all the other guys there appreciated the view too!

mmmmmmmmmm it does make for a hot weekend :):) Love to see more :)

We did this only this weekend. The wife's dress was clearly see thru in the right light. She didn't wear panties, and I enjoyed watching her shaved ***** all night

I had a similar experience. My wife and I went to the mall the other day and she wore white linen pants. As we walked through the mall, I could see her black and white thong through her pants. It was even more obvious when she was in the shoe store bending over to try on a pair of shoes!

I would have told her later how much of a thrill it gave me. You should encourage her to be naughty. You will both enjoy it

It's fun to look at a woman in a semi-sheer outfit. You have to look a little harder to see, and everyone knows what you're doing

Thank you for raising a fuss--the rest of us love a man who shares!