Shopping In See Through Pants

me and my wife went to walmart last night i was veryyyy excited bec she was wearing white pants that juz hugs her *** and a black thong under it.... before leaving she asked me if her pants where see through and i made her blv that no yhey are not
once we go in the walmart i keep my hand on her at first no one noticed but after couple of min i noticed that 2 guys where following us so i started to rub her *** and kinda tapped it once in a while ..... after a while i left my wife alone and went into different section but was able to see my wife and the guys.... they came close to her and pretended that they shoping but i could see that where getting a closer look at my wife ***.
it was such a turnon for me after we got home i ****** my wife thinking how would they use her mmmmmmmmmm
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17 Responses May 8, 2011

Would love to have seen your wife's *** this way! Yum! Please add me so I can see more of your sexy wife!

Great story. Wish I knew which Walmart you go to in Edmonton, I'd start shopping there ! Giggle

lovely story...

great story

I don't belive this one, lol. We all check ourselves in the mirror after we get dressed..... It's a girl thing, she knew

Would love to see a picture of her in those pants!!!

would be coming soon

love these kinds of experiences.. bet it was fun!!

would like to see sum photos of her all of her

re the comment from lan2, and then I want to follow him!

Your wife has a divine ***, I would have loved to have seen her in those seethrough pants and that thong. **** her tonight for me, and know that if I were there I would **** her really hard and fast. She is fantastic and deserves athorough *******.

would have loved to see your wife that day and would really enjoy my wife doing the same the thought of men ogling her fine ***!

Your wife is a hot lady....cannot blame those guys....your wife need is real teaser...

She sounds really hot! I'd love to see some pics of her. Better yet I live in Toronto let me know next time you go shopping and I'll "window shop" behind her!!!

it sure was amazing planing to doing it again sometime soon

its round juicy and lifted

Very hot! Bet your wife has a sexy *** too! Would love to watch her at my local Walmart!! ;-)

Very hot! Bet your wife has a sexy *** too! Would love to watch her at my local Walmart!! ;-)