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Mmm, summer's here and my wife has started wearing thin T-shirts and vests with no bra underneath. Damn it's hot when you can see all the way though to her body, make out the shape of her nipples and even see her nipple piercing. It's even hotter when she wears it out in public and I can see other guys checking her out!

RobG1908 RobG1908 46-50, M 8 Responses May 8, 2008

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Son of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............I could not agree more. I'm always encouraging my wife to do the same. Please consider adding me. Thanks

I would love to check her out. Please add me

I love that in a woman. Can never get enough.

Can't wait for summer again here.

add me pls

Sounds like the kind of outfit that will nearly tear my head off when I catch a glimpse of, trying to get a better look!

Yes it is!

I second all those sentiments. So sexy!