I Love To Wear See Through Tops

As a female I love to wear see through blouses. I have medium size breasts and they are firm because I never had children. Danny, my husband calls them his Paris Hilton breasts.  I guess because they look like hers.  My husband like me to go without a bra. As a matter of fact I only own 1 or 2 bras and I never wear them.  I like to walk around the house topless. One night I ordered pizza and when the pizza guy got there I just opened the door...topless. He was startled at first but then he enjoyed the view. I went over and put the pizzas down and came back to the door and we talked for a while. He commented that this does not happen at all to him.  I reached over and gave him a hug and he put his arms around my naked  back. If he wanted to play with them I would have let him but I'm not going to ask him anyhow he said he had to go.  I find it no big deal to do this. All guys have to do is ask me to show my **** to them and I will but most guys are not that bold.  I told Danny when he got home about the pizza delivery guy and he was very excited about it and wanted to know all the details. One time we were at a hotel and I went topless swimming at night. People were walking about and I'm sure they could see me topless. I ended up taking off my bottoms too that night. When I got out of the pool I only put on my shorts and walked up to the room topless. We got on the elevator and pushed our floor. It stopped at another floor and a man and his wife got on. I just stood there topless. My husband loved it and I was a bit nervous. We had so much fun while we were on vacation in Mexico.  I took only revealing tops and I wore one everyday.  Walking down the streets with my **** bouncing was a lot of fun.  When we went out to eat I would lean over and let the Mexican waiter see down my top.  One night I wore a white button down blouse and when I sat down I unbuttoned all the buttons down to my waist and pulled my shirt kinda open right to my nipples.  The waiter loved it and after wards I wanted to have my picture taken with him.  I stood up and he put his arm around my waist and while my husband got the camera out he reached up from the side and squeezed my ***-I didn't even flinch.  After we had finished I gave him a hug and he reached into my top and rubbed my bare ****.  He stood with his back to my husband so he could not see.  I don't blame him I was teasing him all night.   Another night I wore a very low cut mini skirt.  We went to another place and I let the waiter look right down my top.  I bent over before we left the room and my husband said you can see your entire ****.  So I knew the waiter was having fun and enjoying the view.  My water glass never got a little bit empty with them coming over to catch a look.  The sunrise was beautiful in the morning and I walked out of the room in only my panties and looked at the sunrise just then a bellman came around the corner and I stopped him and asked him a question about what direction is that-like I could care.  All doing this topless. Fun!!  In our house we have no curtains on our bathroom window. I would blow dry my hair in the morning so the neighbors could see me topless. I made sure that it was to look like it was an accident that they saw me. That is what is fun about it. It is not blatantly exposing yourself-it is by 'accident' that you expose yourself. Although sometimes we would have parties at our house.  As the party got going I would just take off my blouse and walk around topless.  That really turned me on-walking around topless when everybody had their clothes on.  Many times another girl would take her top off too.  My husband would just look at me and laugh.  It was fun just to watch guys try to talk to you without staring at your ****. Sometimes they would grab my **** from behind or lean into you and suck your nipples for a second or two. My husband and I both agreed it's just a couple of boobs.  It was fun. Sometimes in the morning I would wait till the garbage truck was close to our house and then I would run out with a bag of garbage in just my panties-like I just forgot to take out the last bag.   It would be fun to run out there to give the guys a thrill.   When I go to the store I would stand at the register and watch the boys bag my groceries while they're catching a look at my **** in my white sheer top. I love to sunbath out in the back yard.  I had a nice spot with only 1 house could see me.  I would start with my top on and then after a while I would remove it and go topless.  The house that could see me lived a couple of teenage boys.  I knew the saw me because I would go into the house and look out my window and see them with the blinds up.  I would venture back out topless and get very bold and reach down and pull my bottoms lower so you could just see my pubic hair.  Then after I teased the boys enough I would just remove them and lay there naked.  I would rub myself with oil and gave them a great show.  After wards I would get up and walk into the house naked.  I love to wear low cut tops at the mall or in the car where guys can get a good look. One time we got stopped at a road construction site and there was a guy in front of us holding a 'stop' sign.  My husband convinced me to pull down my halter top and show him my breasts when we passed.  I pulled it down and when the traffic started slowly moving the guy almost fell into our car- he was so stunned at me being topless.  He really got a good long look at my boobs.   I love to show my breasts for the guys and my husband. When we **** we will talk about those experiences showing my breasts. It makes for great sex!

This happened 2 Saturdays ago... I was working in the garage putting away my pots and planting things when Larry our guy that lives across the street came over.  Now Larry is a black guy who is married to an Asian women.  Larry is only been in the neighborhood for about 3 months and I have noticed he always wears either sweat pants or running shorts. When he walks his package is always moving from side to side. He must never wear underwear.  It's hard to focus anything else when he walks toward you except his **** moving from side to side.  When I stand and talk to him you can almost see his outline of his ****. I know he has caught me looking...hey I can't help it!!  I told my husband about this and he agrees...he always says 'He's hung'. I've caught him looking at my **** through my tops too.  Anyhow Larry comes up the drive wearing orange running shorts and a tank top.  Larry use to play semi-pro football so he is a big guy.  As he is coming up the drive his **** is bouncing from side to side.  I guess now I know how people see me with my **** bouncing under my t shirt.  I had a ( way too many holes) ripped top and a pair of shorts on-I never thought I would see anybody in the garage. Larry wanted to borrow a tree branch trimmer.  He asked if Danny was home and I told him he was playing softball.  He went and got the tree thing and I offered him a beer.  I had been drinking way too much wine and we sat in lawn chairs and talked.  After a while I noticed that I could see the head of his **** sticking out of the bottom of his shorts.  I know he caught me looking because he kept adjusting his chair to give me a better look.  Now I know how guys feel trying to get a better look at my ****.  I thought 2 can play this game and I reach for something in the garage and my whole right *** was exposed to him.  After a while I finally said "Let me see that package in your pants".  That was all the wine talking.  He said "You show me yours and I'll show you mine".  I got up and walked to the back end of the garage and turned with my back to him and pulled off my top and threw it on the chair.  I turned around and cupped my boobs and then let my hands fall to my shorts and unbuttoned them and pulled them down a little to see my red panties and put my finger a little in my ***** and rubbed it over my nipples.  Larry got up and pulled his shorts down and out pops this beautiful, long black **** semi hard.  I was amazed.  It was perfect with a nice big head.  So this is what was bouncing around in his pants!! I reached over and stroked it a few times and started getting stiffer. It was so big I could not get my hand around it.   He sucked my nipples and started to stroke his ****.  The garage door was open and traffic passed by so we moved father back in the garage.  He stepped back from me and began stroking his big ****.  I said " Are you going to jack off".  He said "Yea".  I said "Can I watch?".  He nodded.  I have seen my husband jack off and watched guys on videos but never in person in my garage with a married black guy with me being topless!!!!! He started with long strokes and squeezed the head with his other hand. His **** was big enough so that he could stroke the shaft with both hands.  His shorts had fallen to his ankles and he pulled his tank top up to show me his ripped stomach.  He turned slightly to let me see his beautiful naked tight butt. I rubbed my **** and played with my nipples.  I pulled down my shorts to expose my panties and rubbed my pubic hair. I was transfixed on him stroking his ****. All I could say was mmmmmm.   I would occasionally look at his face and he was staring at my ****.  I would also look out the garage door hoping no one would come.  I wanted this guy to finish jacking off and *** for me.  I also could not believe he was going to do it....in my garage...with the door up and cars going by. He stroked faster and his muscles in his arms and shoulders tensed up and got bigger. He stroked faster and faster and I could tell he was going to ***.  He let out a groan and the first squirt came out and hit a bike that was parked next to us. The next glob of white *** landed on the cement floor.  That was followed by 2 more long squirts.  How much *** does this guy have?  He finally stood there holding his half hard **** while more *** oozed out.  I was flush red and my mouth was wide open in disbelief. I could not even swallow because my mouth was so dry from heavy breathing I was doing.   My ***** was soaked! He shook his **** a couple more times and more *** flew onto the floor. I reached over and gave him several big kisses and put my tongue in his mouth.  I reached down and grabbed his half hard **** and stroked it several times.  It was still plenty big.  I wonder how his wife takes that big thing in her *****...WOW.   I zipped up my shorts and put my top back on and he pulled up his shorts and we both sat back in the chairs-not saying a word.  I finally said' That was really hot!"  He agreed.  Just then my hubby pulled in the driveway-the game got done early because of some too many run rule.  Larry got up to get the tree trimmer and his **** had leaked more *** on his shorts.  He noticed it and grabbed the tree trimmer and put it in front of him.  I just remembered about *** in the back part of the garage and whisked my husband inside.  It took about a week to tell him the story of Larry.  He really enjoyed it. Wow, did he enjoy it.  I have been retelling parts of it almost daily for his enjoyment! Larry and I will never look at each other the same way again! 
I've added a couple recent other stories that happened this last summer in the comment section below.
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It's great when women show their ****, weather on purpose or not. Would love to cross your path some day.

I love to see braless women with their **** swaying side to side as they walk. It is very sexy and it gives the impression they are comfortable with their sexuality which is great because most people are just too uptight.

yes everyone would love to see some photos of you.

Outstanding attitude. Love your playfulness. Now, could you please tutor my wife?

Oh my goodness I have so many stories about me wearing see through tops. Just a couple days ago my husband's friends wanted to store something over our house. The guys arrived in the afternoon and I had on this white muscle shirt with no bra. I looked in the mirror before I went outside and my my nipples were pointing through the top. As I walked towards the guys, they all looked directly at my top. I made sure I bent over many time so they could see down my top. It's so much fun to tease. A couple weeks before this we had a plumber come over and do some work on our sink. I noticed out the window he was a young good looking guy. It was very hot that day and I put on my orange sheer top that has no back in it and wore that down stairs. Danny took one look at me and said 'It looks like you are topless, you might as well as not be wearing a top'. I walked in on the plumber and he was kneeling down and I came right up to him and got a dish cloth out of the drawer. He was fixated on my top. I went over to the table and pretended to wipe it and my top opened from the bottom and he could see right up it. I glanced over and he had moved his position to get a better look up my top. I called his name before I walked over to him so he could see my breasts through my top. He got off his knees and talked to me about something all the time he tried to get a good look at my chest. I would look away several time so he could feel free to look without getting caught. This went on for several hours trying to find better ways of showing him my ****. All 3 of us had a good time-my husband, the plummer and especially me. My husband talked about the adventure for an hour as he stroked his ****. He got so excited about the conversation that he came all over the chair while talking about it. That was nice to watch him get himself off while thinking of me.

add me pls

Love your spirit!
You're a great wife... and a great woman!

add me pls

Thanks for all the great responses. I know guys love it when women show a quick glance of of their ****. I love to do it because I know guys love it! Their just ****. Why are women so uptight about showing a little boob. Women wear big bras to cover their boobs....why? Guys love to hold my back and notice that I'm not wearing a bra. I'm kinda glad more women DON'T go without a bra...more for me.


You sound like a very fun woman who enjoys sharing her charms with others. How about posting some photos of your luscious body and adding more stories of the fun and games you have with and without your husband?

Just AWESOME!! You are my DREAM WIFE!!! I can't convince my wife to do more tittie flashing, even though it excites her too, she says she is too shy!

Very sexy first story. Would love to see a picture to go with it, and I hope you'll write some more soon.

wonderful story. i encourage you to add some pictures to your profile :)

Great story, I always wanted a woman that was as willing as you, alas, never had one though. Keep up the great front....I bet the back isn't bad either, he he he

I remember when I delivered pizzas and this women about 35 came to the door topless. WOW That happened about 15 years ago and I've never forgot it. I did not know what to say and for the next 4 years I'd hoped it would happen again but it did not. But I never forgot that one!

Well Sexy214, you are my kind of woman and I have been spending a number of years encouraging my wife to the same. In time I guess. I love this, and to me it is good clean fun.