Accidental See Through

The other evening my wife and I was at a party. She had a low cut thin dress, but against my reccomendation she chose to also have a thin bra on. Still slightly see through but not enough.

When the party ended and we went back towards our hotel all of a sudden a heavy rain started and we became very wet.  When we came into the hotel lobby I realized that in the rain my wifes dress had became totally see through.

It was a very uncomfortable experience but compensated by the view of my wife standing very visible in a completly see through dress and bra with erect nipples in the hotel lobby. But we rushed to our room to take off the wet and cold clothes.

Kroll Kroll
56-60, M
6 Responses Jul 20, 2008

to bad nobody got to see her

Why upset? I would have been beside myself to have seen my wife like that. Very sexy incident, and since totally accidental, no one would criticize her. Do it again and help her enjoy it

I am 50 years old and STILL wear clothes that are see thru when they are dry. Both of us love the attention, I don't mind who looks; even if they want to simply stand in front of me and "take notes" !

It would really have been nice if more would have been there to watch.

That is so sexy. . . I would have hung around in the lobby a bit for some folks to see. . .

The scene at the hotel was short but enjoyable. It was late also, so it was not so many that saw her.<br />
<br />
Downpours have teir advantage.