My Wife Loves To Turn Me On With Sheer Clothes

My wife has done me the honor of going braless almost every time I ask, and frequently of her own volition. She has also gone out with some extremely sheer blouses on, and not just out to clubs, she has gone shopping at the mall, out to restaurants, anywhere and everywhere you may least expect it. She always has a jacket or cover handy, in case there are families or minors present. When that happens, she just conveniently "flashes" me or other unsuspecting males that may be around. I have several pictures, and she has even allowed me to post pictures on another web site. It turns me on to no end, and I love her very much for what she does. She has no desire to be with anyone else, she just knows that it turns me on, and in turn, her also. This is something for us to enjoy.
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You two sound exactly like me and my wife. We are lucky men!!! Posting some pictures somewhere sounds exciting. Can you message me what site you used or some recommendations

Glad you allow her the freedom, while respecting her modesty.

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Simply wonderful! My wife, too, seldom wears a bra when we're together because she knows I don't like her to wear them. I think she looks GREAT without them.

Love it, would love to see her in all her sexyness

Yes! We too love sheer tops for ANYWHERE out and about!

love when my wife does that also

love to see add me pls

I haven't figured out how to add pictures yet, but I promise I will.

It's awesome that she does this for you. Sounds like you're both enjoying it!