Met A Friend This Weekend

(Written by The Wife)

One of my old high school friends came to town for a visit this weekend. It'd been YEARS since I'd seen her last! We met at a restaurant for breakfast and her, me, and my husband ended up talking for HOURS! It was great to catch up, and to my surprise, we ended up talking about sexual things as well. Preferences, toys, personal record of number of *******, (mine is 9!) things we've done, stuff like that. I was happy she could still be so open with me after so many years. (...Moving on to the subject of this
After spending 4 hours at the restaurant, we went to the mall for a change of scenery. Great luck! They were having a HUGE sale, and we went to Rue21. My husband sat down and just let us girls shop and talk. I found this really cute shirt that my friend said I should try on. I said since it was see-through, my husband would try to have me wear it without a bra under it....and she looked at me and replied, "Well, that's all the more reason to get it!!" ...So I decided to try it on. My husband said he'd peek over the door of the dressing room and watch. (It's easy for him to do -- he's 6'10".) When I put it on - with NO BRA - he said he really liked it and told me to buy it. At that time then, my female friend told me to come out of the dressing room so she could see me in it too. I said, "I can't...I don't have a bra on...." and she was like, "SO?!" ...So I stepped out in the see-through shirt, no bra, nipples hard. She said it looked good and I should get it and that she couldn't see anything even though I wasn't wearing a bra. Around the same time, my husband decided to grab my boob and play with my nipple right there in front of her. I blushed and pushed his hand away and went back in the dressing room. (Yeah, I know, I'm still shy lol.)
Later on, when I put on the shirt for him privately again and we were both admiring how nicely it hugs my boobs and stretches in all the right places, I realized my areolas are TOTALLY OBVIOUS through the shirt! Apparently, my friend was lying lol. :) I'm sure she remembers how shy I was in high school, so I think she was trying to make sure I didn't freak out about pretty much showing her my boobs, lol. Then my husband told me a little more -- apparently, my friend was really checking out my nipples when I came out of the dressing room in that shirt, and she seemed to enjoy watching my husband touch me. I totally missed those details, but he's so observant in situations like that. :P
So I'm thinking, maybe this friend is someone in "real life" whom I can be more open with. I hoping we get a chance to talk more soon and hang out again. It'd be great to have someone to be even more open with -- and a nice relief, since we have to keep a lot of our sexual interests secret. Maybe we'll get to talk about more of our interests that so far we've only really been able to talk about on EP. We DID tell her that we've been to a nudist club (in fact, the club is near where she lives), and it was really nice to finally tell someone else about that. So we'll see, but things look promising. :) I hope we're right.
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I love the story! I think you need to put on that shirt and have your husband take a picture and post it for all of us to see and appreciate. What do you think?

I bet you looked great too


SMOKING HOTTTT Story!!!!!!!!! Would you please add me.

Sounds like fun stories for the future telling!

Great story.Hope you do have the chance to catch up with her at the club. <br />
It could make a very interesting story!!!

Those kinds of friends are treasures! Don't pass up the chance to keep her in your life!!!

Great, please add me!!