Braless Vacations

New here and stilll trying to learn the ins & outs but I love when my wife goes in public without a bra , in a top that exposes her breasts. She has fun with it but I can only get her to do it when we're away on vacations. We have fun though

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Lucky, I'm trying to figure out how to get my wife to take that step. She has great breasts, and I enjoy watching other men sneak a peek..... I've ordered her a few blouses on-line to be delivered, and now I just need to find a way to suggest it??? Any thoughts?

Yeah good stuff! Wifey will wear see through when clubbing it's so hot to watch others guys and girls stare at her

That seems to be the easiest way, but hopefully over time she will do it at home. My wife has finally gone a long weekend in tank tops or polo shirts without her bra, running errands and going to various stores. Was fun watching people look, react, then try to hide they were watching... ;)

I never let my wife take a bra on vacation. My goal is to get as many out right stares as possible.

Finally got my wife to seldom wear a bra. Now I'm working on her showing her ****.

Yes, Deb is the same way. But OH the vacations are wonderful. It turns me on to know other men can see my wife's nipples. Sooo hot.

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My wife started out showing some cleavage and graduated to not wearing a bra to showing off in see thru tops. Then I suggested going to a nudist resort which we both loved. The novelty there wore off and I talked her into going to a swingers club, just to observe. She started wearing totally revealing clothes with nothing beneath and now always dress that way at the club. She said she would never have sex with others but we had our 1st 4sum on the 4th visit and a mfm 3sum shortly thereafter. This was repeated 3 times with the same guy. We both loved it but she then decided that she did not want 2 guys again. She still will do a 4sum with select couples , but sadly, I'd like her to loosen up and be much more experimental. It really spices up our relationship when someone else is added to the mix.

Well. You\'ve lived some exciting times, relish them. You\'re a lucky man!

just need to take more vacations - and encourage her more :):)

Definitely being away from home loosens inhebitions

Count your blessings you lucky dog.

I had no trouble getting my wife to wear sheer blouses. In fact she usually surprised me by wearing a new top when we went out with our friends....

My wife use to like to find a place to hide and ***** all the way down. One time in Walmart she went into the changing room, ******** down to just her pantyhose and shoes. Put her coat on and left all of her clothes there. That was a fun night.

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My wife puts on really tight t-shirts with no bra when she is doing gardening and the guys in my neighbourhood cant get enough of it.. Her sweating makes her nipples stand out...

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My wife is the same way. She only feel comfortable when we are out of town and then she needs a glass of wine before she gets in the mood.

topless beaches, sheer tops at dinner - yes yes yes

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Same here. Makes us take more week end holidays.

Talk her into going to yardsales......My wife and do this and she wears see through tank tops. I love to see all the men stare and follow her for a closer look

Talk her into going to yardsales......My wife and do this and she wears see through tank tops. I love to see all the men stare and follow her for a closer look

Your wife can "dress" in most anyplace in Key West. Vegas is a good venue as well but decide after you get into a club. Then if it seems right to her, she can go to the ladies room and adjust as she feels comfortable. All-inclusive resorts in the caribbean that don;t permit children is also an easy place to "test the waters" ..the beaches & pools are topless during the day,so showing alot at night isn't so much a big deal. But hot as anything. Let us know about your experences. Daniel( & Linda)..NJ Couple

Sounds like you need to take some weekend road trips to eat in a dinner or park in a neighboring towns.

Tell your wife she's depriving mankind of a major treat!