See Through Skirt

I like my wife to wear see through clothing especially skirts & dresses, as she never wears g strings I love to see her cotton bikini style briefs through her clothes especially in public, my favourite is when she wears this fairly long white skirt which although is double layed, is totally see through. I remember two recent occassions when she has worn this in public, the 1st being on a hot day whilst we going to meet some friends of my father, I was getting the kids in the car etc when I returned to the house to see her standing in this skirt with her light green panties showing straight through, I wanted to say something but I was too horny, I even caught my Dad's friend standing watching her walk past and getting a great panty view, the 2nd occassion related to a meeting that we had at my sons senior school as he was just about to start, I suggested we looked smart and suggested she wore the skirt as it looked smart, she agreed and put it on, unfortunately she was wearing white panties with big black butterfly shape patterns on them, when we met my sons new teacher he offered to show us around and insisted that we walk ahead of him, he stayed about four feet back behind my wife and must of got a great view, my wife seems unaware that this skirt is so see through and I will not be telling her otherwise

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4 Responses Nov 13, 2009

Great story love it

You're welcome Hun love to chat with you

I love my wife wearing see through skirts too, but I have her wear thongs that contrast her skirt, like a black thong with white skirt. It gives great shape to her butt, and I love the attention she gets from men and women.

I think women know when their skirt an be seen through, I enjoy the thought of men looking at my legs but I tend to be a little more subtle with my undi choice!

Sounds hot! Now ya gotta take a pic of her wearing that skirt! Tks for sharing. Bill in Va.