Sheer Casino

I have a beautiful wife, and after having two kids, still looks amasingly hot.  She likes to play the fun slot machines at the Vegas Casinos, thus we make trips over from SoCal several times a year.  As part of the fun (for me) is for her to wear somethings sexy and pushes her boundaries.  As she runs out of money on the slots, to get more money she needs to take something off or reveal more.  One of my favourite is a sheer teddy.  On our last trip, we started at the Monte Carlo casino.  Night started slow - she kept winning, however, after about 1 hr, she need more money.  Thus, she had to take off her sweater that was covering her teddy.  The teddy is really hot - sheer mesh, tight hugging, and low cut showing lots of cleavage.  The sheerness reveals her dark succulent nipples of her DD breast.  At first my wife stayed in the more dark less crowded areas, but as she need more money, she was required to move to another machine - next to a man.  Then she would have to take off her sweater, showing her sheer top.  As she is sitting there, she drops some coins that roll by the feet of the gentleman located next to her.  During all this, I am sitting on the row of slots nearby watching - as the man is staring through my wife's revealing top.  My wife continues playing, but is required to sit towards the man next to her... thus giving him a great view.  Instead of watching his slot machine, the man keeps staring at my wife... I am not sure if he or I am harder.   Soon my wife's money is gone... so she gets up and come back towards me - this time without the sweater she usually keeps to cover up while walking around the casino.  It was hot... particularly as there was a bunch of young college guys just walking up the walkway - the looked.. and looked.. dumbfounded.   So hot, knowing all these guys were looking at my hot sexy wife, getting turned on by her, wanting to *&^% her... A great time - and just one of many great trips to Vegas

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Really hot story please add me you can see pics that go with story!

My wife and I enjoyed your story so much. Her nipples are so hard and poking through her gorgeous black see thru top. I'm caressing them right now. Mmm

Freemont St. is so cool. I llike it better then the *****. Also lived in Vegas too. Worked on construction@ City Center. Loved it Add me Thanks (great story about the pizza guy)

I get so hard reading this post, my wife dresses sexy for men at casinos too. she will purposly tell me, its for them and not me but grins knowing full well it is for me too.

It IS a great way to keep your marriage fresh and exciting.
I like my wife to go try on shoes in a dress sans hot!

We like Monte Carlo and Harrah's usually, but sometimes go to up to Freemont St.

We been to Freemont St, but my wife likes being along the new *****. We tend to visit Monte Carlo, Paris, or Harrahs. Never been so bold to have ramp sex along I-15 on the many times we drove it. Maybe next time....

my wife loves the Freemont Street to play like that, or near Bally's area. I got her come Hotwife jewelry that she wears while playing blackjack, also slots. She has big ******* and love her nips to show with the low-cut tops. She has had a few guys take her to their room. It turns us both on. We had sex on the off-ramp of the 15 between Vegas and Cali, well, more north of Barstow on a secluded offramp that didnt have a name but just a number.

Great story sounds like one hot lady you have there

She is a great sport about it.. Although at times I know she is a bit uncomfortable with pushing the boundaries, I know she does it as I enjoy it... She is a great wife!

Sounds like you both enjoyed it. Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome game! I'm going to have to think of a way to adapt this for my marriage!

great story.... would love to see my gf in the same situation!! would also love to see some shots of your wife in that teddy!!