Swimsuit Was A Wow!

I have always got a thrill out of other guys admiring my beautiful wife.  I always encourage her to wear sexy and revealing outfits whenever we are out, and enjoy the attention she gets as a result.

On a vacation a couple of years back she was deciding which swimsuit/bikini to wear and I noticed a pink swimsuit which looked more flimsy than the rest; so I asked her to wear this one. I suspected that it would be extremely revealing and so it proved. At first, as we were sunbathing nobody took much notice.  

Later I decided to take a swim and asked my wife if she wished to come too. We swam together but as I headed back to our sunbeds  I left her chatting to another woman still in the pool.

I was lying relaxing when I saw her emerge from the pool and, boy, was it a sight: the suit was fully see-through when wet so as she walked the length of the pool all eyes were checking her out. So erotic was the view that I insantly got hard and was forced to shift position to hide the fact. To my amusement I noticed a series of men becoming similarly uncomfortable! 

This suit made the vacation for me; whenever we were around the pool my wife was the center of attention.

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6 Responses Jan 9, 2010

So hot love it!!!

Wish I were there to see her! Please let me know where your next vacation is

A fully see-through swimsuit would probably get you arrested on a lot of beaches. My wife has one bikini where the top (triangle type) is of a very thin material and completely unlined. When dry it looks sexy but not see-through. When wet it becomes very see-through. I love the attention she gets when she gets out of the water.

My wife has ordered two see-through swimsuits she ran across while online. Didn't know those existed. She has a see through pants suit and some translucent blouses, but this is a new one to me. Very limited where she has been able to wear the pants suit though. She has entertained in that at home but has yet to go anywhere else in that outfit.Are see through swimsuits common? Where the hell can anyone wear those?

Would love to be at your home parties! Can I see some pics of this?

In Jamaica and other ex controled Europe islands and of course Europe.

Does she enjoy the attention she gets?

do u hve a pic of ur wife in tht swim suit