Casino Fun

Like everyone here, I love to see my wife in public in a sheer top with no bra.  I’ll tell you about a recent experience.  Mary likes to gamble and I don’t really care if I do or don’t.  I like to please her so we go to Las Vegas every few months.  She also likes to please me so she made a deal that whenever I take her to Las Vegas she will not wear a bra the whole time we are there.  She really wants to please because she takes it off in the cab as soon as we leave the airport.  I thought she had something special in mind for this trip because she let her boobs dangle out in the cab a full minute while she pretended her blouse was tangled.


When we got to our room she put on a very light weight printed blouse that is opaque in some light and almost fully sheer in other light.  After gambling some we had a late dinner at a very high class restaurant.  She enjoyed the meal and I enjoyed watching her *******.  At this particular table the light came from the side rather than from above and her ******* were perfectly visible to me.  Mary likes fine things, and she gets bolder with her body when we are sharing the finest.  You can’t get much finer than Wynn.  Before we finished the second bottle of wine, she found that by adjusting her position both the waiter and a group of men at the next table could get a full view.  She was really getting into showing her best assets.  She didn’t need to adjust for the waiter.  His eyes never left her chest whenever he was at the table.  I could see, however, that the men appreciated her new position.  The waiter was even able to refill our wine glasses with his eyes never leaving her ****. She knew it, and her nipples were standing up firm.  We had a great dinner and then left for the casino floor.


She chose a slot machine and I sat next to her to watch her ******* while she played.  Even without see-through I love the braless look.  Her ******* weren’t as visible as in the restaurant, but pretty close.  I go nuts over her soft, white skin, her perfect light pink areolas, and her pert little nipples.  What more could one want?  When I look at my wife dressed like this I go crazy with desire.  The cocktail waitress came and I gave our order.  When she returned I tipped her big so the drinks would keep coming.  The drinks did continue to come and my wife continued to play and drink. She loves to play the slots and she doesn’t think about much else while she plays.  It was around 1:00 am that I moved closer and put my arm around her waist.  As she played the machine I slowly lifted the sheer material of her blouse.  That blouse is so light and loose that she mostly feels naked with it on anyway.  I gently rolled and bunched the material so it would stay up by itself.  Both ******* were completely naked to everyone, and I suppose even the casino cameras.  I was thinking that with the drinks and the gambling that she doesn’t even know she’s naked.  With both her beautiful ******* fully out, I then sat back next to her and watched them gently sway while she played.  For the next couple of hours the cocktail waitress came and went.  She just took our orders and didn’t say a thing.  Once when my wife wasn’t looking she pointed to one of her own boobs and winked at me.  We were at the $5.00 machine, loosing quite heavily, and tipping good.  I thought someone might say something, but no one did. 


As people came by they stared but no one spoke.  Several men came by and found reasons to stop and loiter pretending to be interested in something else but all the while staring at Mary’s naked chest.  As it got later Mary said that she was tired and wanted to go back to the room.  Then I got the surprise of the evening.  She said, “Do you want me to cover my boobs, or do you want me to walk this way back to the room?”  I didn’t have anything to say.  She then said, “You don’t think I was really drinking all of that booze, do you?  We’ve got a lot of things in common and one of them is we both love for people to see my boobs.  I've got to **** you or explode.  I want to be ****** and now.”  She got up and pulled down her top.  I groped her all the way to the room.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

We stayed at the Excalibur on the Vegas ***** for a week last end of July and early August. She allowed me to expose her **** at their slots and in a couple of the casinos next door. We plan to go again this coming July or August, but will probably only stay one day, or two at most. I wouldn't mind at all if you were in the right place at the right time to see my wife's 40DDD ****. I'm sure I could get her to let me expose her nipples as long as she thought she wouldn't be seen. If she didn't notice you watching her and she probably wouldn't, you'd get a real great show. If she happened to see you looking at her, she might cover up. Sometimes it is one way and sometimes the other. It might even be possible to see what she would do if you casually strolled by and happened to pause, to watch the game of course. As long as you were looking at the game any time she might look at you, she might let you look at her ****. It's the direct staring at her **** that makes her nervous.

Yeah, I agree...100% agree! Been there and done that, and it is fantastic. My wife who is usually hesitant to show off in public, needing a lot of encouragement, doesn't need any in a casino. Go figure. She says it has to do with being occupied, I guess that means she is thinking about what she is doing and not what she is showing off and who is standing around us looking at her while she shows off. How much breast is your wife willing to show off in the casinos? My wife has allowed me to expose her nipples in casinos and she calmly sits there continuing to play the slots with her nipples showing. It has gotten some nice looks from strangers and I really enjoyed it.

I understand. My wife lets me take lots of pictures, but she does not allow them on the net, not even if her face is covered. Maybe someday.

Fantastic story. It doesn't get any better, and you both enjoyed it. My wife and I were married in Vegas and we had some fun, but we didn't have this much fun. I would have loved to have seen it. Her **** exposed like that in public and she knew it and she ignored it, absolutely super. Any pictures?