First Time

Before I begin my story I have a question.  It seems like a lot of men like to see their wives in elegant places wearing see through tops.  My wife and I have been doing this for a number of years and we have yet to see another women dressed to show her nipples.  We’ve seen a lot of see through tops with low bras, and a lot of cleavage, but not a single nipple.  We wonder why?


I think I’ll tell you about the first time my wife agreed to show me her **** in a fancy restaurant.  At the time it was supposed to be done so no one could see her nipples but me.  This was a long time ago and she had a top that she bought at a head shop on Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado.  The university is there and Boulder was stuck in a time warp and was still in the hippie days of the 60’s.  The mesh top was sheer but had designs woven in so it wasn’t obvious at first that it was see through.  It was of a color that in a darkened room her soft white ******* and pink nipples were a sight to behold.  It was meant to be worn with a bra and before this time that was how she always wore it.  One afternoon I jokingly told her that if she would wear it without a bra, I would take to a very elegant restaurant in Denver.  She said that if she could get a seat facing away from the restaurant floor that she would do it.  I was shocked that she agreed so readily.  I have always been totally crazy over her ******* and thought that having a slow meal while seeing them would be a total turn on.  She never gave any indication that she would enjoy other men seeing her nude.  She still says she does it just for me.  But I know she does it for both of us.


 When we got to the restaurant the lighting was as subdued as I had anticipated, but we were both surprised that the only tables for two were on the edge of the restaurant aligned along the walls.  The only way to sit was to face each other, sideways to the rest of the room. No one but the waiter would see her full on from the front, but people at several other tables could see her ******* from the side.  The waiter seated us and asked if he could take her coat.  For a moment she hesitated, then shrugged her shoulders and, she took it off and gave it to him, being careful to guard her front.  When she sat down she arranged her elbows to pretty well hide the fact that she was nearly topless.


 When the wine steward came she forgot her elbows and turned to face him.  She truly enjoys  fine wine with her meal and always likes the wine steward to help her select one the right one.  I was unprepared for the tingling in my pants when I saw him stare at her **** as he explained the wines.  It was one of the strangest feelings I had ever experienced.  I don’t think she would have done it if she had realized how see through her top was.  After carefully explaining every wine on the menu, I’m sure he didn’t leave out a single detail, she made her selection.  The waiter returned before our wine came.  The waiter took his time to just as carefully explain the specials.  Out of politeness she also turned to face him.  Every detail of her ******* could be seen and the waiter didn’t miss anything.  We’re talking beautiful shaped mounds with perfectly formed nipples.  After we ordered the wine steward returned.  He showed me the bottle, and then turned to look at her chest while he opened the bottler.  He opened it carefully and precisely with not a drop spilled.  After I tasted it, he turned to fill her glass.  He made an inordinate amount of small talk to her while he admired every detail of what she was showing.  It was early in the evening but my **** was already hard as a rock.


As each course came, our water glasses were filled, our wine glasses filled, the whole wait staff enjoyed the view that I thought was just going to be for me.  My wife had medium to small ******* at that time.  As she enjoyed her wine I could that she was beginning to enjoy the attention of others.  In between the staff service, the two men at the closest table also enjoyed the view.  I was having the best meal of my life.  Before we got to the restaurant I knew I would enjoy watching her ******* as we ate.  I had no idea I would so much enjoy her showing her ******* to others.  It made it particularly exciting because she was enjoying it as much as I was.  We settled into a great meal.  Every time a staff person came to bring or take something away I could see her nipples harden and point up to greet them.  The material was such that it molded to her erect nipples and gave a view out of this world.


We both enjoyed the meal.  We had a great night.  The next morning she asked when we could do it again.  She wasn’t ready to admit to me how much showing her ******* excited her. If fact she still won’t admit it.  We have had such meals many times since then.  I will never forget the first.

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That is so hot such daring girls deserve your best.