Why Doesn't She Realise?

My wife spends ages getting ready to go our and if she wears a red top she makes sure she has ared bra beneath it and looks in the mirror to check too much isn't showing! So why doesn't she apply the same principal to her skirts? She always wears matching underwear so this can sometimes be a problem. For example when we went to view a house she wore a puple top, hence purple underwear yet she combined this with a cream linen skirt that was sheer, the owner couldn't keep his eyes off her and he kept suggesting she went to the french doors to view the garden. The sunlight showed off her body brilliantly, and the purple lacy panties were clearly visable, in fact you could even see the black label.

On another occasion whe wore a white skirt to go out for a meal, this time she had red lacy knickers on with agold trim, the restaurant we went to is by the side of a river and whie I was at the bar she had stood in the doorway looking out as the sun was going down, giving all the other customers a good view of her legs and panties. Two ladies at the bar were whipsering about the s*** showing off her undies and it took me a while to realise it was her they were talking about.

I am sure she doesn't realise but I don't intend telling her!

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5 Responses Feb 28, 2010

My wife and I are great with photos - but often <strong>forget</strong> to take them. We often have to do reenactments of her hottest adventures. :) It sounds like your wife knows how to make herself sexy! You've got to love her for that!

I think women know when their skirt an be seen through, I enjoy the thought of men looking at my legs but I tend to be a little more subtle with my undi choice!

I agree, looking at that skirt as a woman it would be difficult not to realize and if sometimes she doesn't wear anything under it she is braver than me - does she go out like that?

I get the feeling she does realize and is just playing. That's pretty hot, too!

so snap a few pics of her display and share them with us!