White Swimsuit

A few years ago we lived in an apartment complex and we were out at the pool swimming and tanning and I was wearing a new two piece swimsuit. We had been out there for several hours simming and playing with other people from the apartments and later on while we were the only ones there and we were laying out on the lounge chairs my husband told me that all the guys had been really enjoying the show. I assumed he was talking about thae fact that the swimsuit was a little smaller than the one I wore the previous year and my boobs were still rather large because I had gained about fifteen pounds that year and some of it went to my boobs instead of my butt or thighs, thank god! He said that yes, the guys were enjoying the show of my large boobs pouring out of the top but they were also enjoying the see thru part as well. I said "WHAT?!?!" I looked down and the swimsuit was not see thru but he said that when it was wet it got sort of see thru. I finally got back in the water and then sat on the edge of the pool and sure enough it was see thru enough to see the coloration of my nipples and areolas and my lips as well. I mean it wasn't plain see thru by any means but you sould definately see the colors. I was embarassed at first, but he kept telling me that all the guys were really liking it and that he was turned on my it too. We ended up getting in the pool and he stood up against the wall sort of and I wrapped my legs around him and he pulled my bottoms out of the way and eventually was able to shove his thing inside of me after a lot of trying and we were having sex in the pool during the day and then another guys showed up so we stopped, but my husband asked me to hang out for a while and show off to the guy, so I did. We started talking to him when he got in the pool and my husband eventually picked me up and sat me on the edge of the pool with my legs dangling in the pool and their faces were just slightly higher than my see thru bottoms so they were both bascally starring right between my legs. At first I had the urge to keep my legs clamped shut but I finally relaxed and spread them open a little eventually and I did like it when I realized the guy kept looking at me and smiling. We finally went to our apartment and my husband didnt even let me take off my swimsuit before he had me on the bed with my knees pinned down next to my chest and he was on top of me. Well anyways it was a great experience for both of us and since then we have been doing a lot more teasing like this.


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It is not often that one sees a married woman brave enough to wear a revealing swim suit, it is a really hot sexy sight. The event is a wonderful memory both of you will have to remember in the sunset years of life.<br />
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In Brazil, St. Thomas and a few other locations "Wicked Weasel' swim wear is rather popular.<br />
Thanks for the story.

cool. i wear white lycra cycle shorts when i go swimming because i like the fact that they go totaly see thru and every one can see my penis.<br />
I discovered this when i went swimming with my friend and her daugher. her daughter went up to her and said that she could see my willy. since then i always where them.

Just need to know what appartment complex to move into! But.. now that you've gotten a taste of some tame exhibitionism ya thinking of ratcheting up a notch or two? Bill in Va. <br />
p.s. added you to yahoo msgr too!