I Am One Of Those Women

My husband loves me to wear see through clothes but it took me a while to find out. I bought a lovely skirt for a holiday when  i arrived I thought the skirt loked slightly different but I wore it. I usually wear nude coloured underwear and while we were out I suddenly realized that a few peeople were looking at me, I think they were playing the is she/isn't she game!

I could see from the movement in my husband's shorts that he was enjoying watching men looking at my legs, through the flimsy material. Then I reailzed the skirt when I purchased it had been lined but now the lining had vanished.

At first I was mad, especially when he admitted that he had cut it out, but then I began to enjoy myself and I have worn it several times since. On a thursday his mates call for him to go out and I often wear sheer skirts and when they come in to wait for him I make sure I give them a good view.

We always seem to have the best sex after I have given a 'show'

He now wants me to progress to tarty undi, reds etc but I am refusing and as for going commando as he would like, I am not a prostitute


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Great story. I hope you are still enjoying the fun.

I agree with you. What you have belongs to you and your husband. I feel the same way about my wife, I don't want her showing herself to everyone. She has a couple of times (mainly on my birthdays) surprised me by doing something special. You need to feel comfortable with yourself

Would love an add if you are so inclined.

I think it's great you are willing to indulge your husband and I'm glad you have started enjoying it as well :)

Sounds like you and your hubby are plotting together to excite yourselves as well as friends and aquaintenances. good for you!! After 20 years of marriage, I still enjoy watching my wife undress and always "cop a feel" when she is wearing a tee-shirt and no bra. She still flashes me by pulling her panties down when she passes by...life is good and I really enjoy reading about others who enjoy the sexy friendliness of a good healthy marriage. Hope you will write more about your exciting endeavours.

I totally agree with ambershower.

You may want to save the very naughty for vacations or other instances where you won't be embarrassed in front of people you know. Though it does seem you enjoy showing off your underwear to his friends. Do you pretend they can't see your panties? Or do you do it openly? Is it fashion or teasing? If they are aware that you are doing this to excite your husband, and that you know that they can see your nude colored undies, they either already think you are a brazen hussy, or they approve of your behavior and are envious of your husband. I'll bet they all wish their wives or girlfriends were as playful as you are, and as willing to please them. They probably do not think you are anything like a prostitute, more like a good sport and a sensitive loving mate. I would encourage you not to compare yourself with women who are only in it for the money and power, you are part of a dynamic partnership with a man you want to keep interested. Playing out his fantasies is the best way to cement that relationship. Let him know what you want and need. Give him a chance to reciprocate and show his appreciation. Doesn't have to be in the sexual realm, taking out the garbage, or taking your mother to the doctor's office could be a way for him to show appreciation for your special favors. Ask him and reward him, try to expand each other's happiness, and that will pay big dividends in your marriage.

Giving other men a show of your lovlies, all three, is like wearing barbed wire, look but don't touch unless I let you. If you guys let another man hold your b-reasts or rub your p-ussy, you'll be ready and will have the thrill of your life, maybe even an o-rgasm right there. If you're braless with a sheer blouse and rub against a strange man, you can really give the strange man, your hubby and yourself a real thrill (especially if he is already errect and you rub your hand across it), followed by some wild sex when you get home, perhaps even for the stranger when he gets home. It's a win-win thrill and no one gets injured.

I absolutely love it when my wife flashes. When she flashes her ***** or breasts around the house it makes me happy but when she does it out and about where others see her, it just makes me go wild with lust and love. I absolutely adore my wife and would never do anything she didn't approve of. I also totally respect her and understand when she doesn't want others to see her magnificent 36D breasts. Never-the-less, the times that she does shows her breasts and ***** are such a turn on for me. I suspect your hubby is the same. It doesn't hurt anyone for you to let them see your charms. In your comments, it sounds like it makes you pretty horny too. Go for it. Give yourself and your hubby a thrill that you will remember for all your lives.

You are right, I love it when its just us but I don't want to parade my wares elsewhere! Showing my knickers is the limit!

Don't think one minute of "being a prostitute"!<br />
<br />
One of the all-time sexiest visions I have ever experienced is seeing a woman, in a see-through dress / skirt, and going "commando". The view left me shaking. And I'll bet will leave your husband shaking as well.<br />
<br />
Not to mention the sex afterwords!<br />
<br />
Go for it, girl !