The Retirement Do!

One of my wifes colleagues was retiring and she was getting ready to go out for a meal with a large group of her collegaues. She had purchased new clothes specially for the event a white blouse and a light red skirt. I sat watching as she prepared herself, she picked a lacy white bra, and white lace fishnet hold-ups.

There was no sign of any panties, still it had had been a very hot day and it was a warm sticky evening.

She left her skirt until the final minute because she didn't want to get it creased but when she finally put it on it was sheer and you could plainly see everything she had. I wondered for a few seconds whether to say anything but then there was a knock at the door, her collegaues had called for her.

i invited them and gave them a drink as she started doing some last minute things, as she normally does, and I half expected her to realise and add some knickers, but when she finally walked into the room the look on the faces of her collegaues said it all.

i thought about it all night and waited for her to return, I must have fallen asleep because when I woke I heard some voices downstairs. She had invited them back, I went into the dining room and looked through the hatch, she wasn't there but I realised they were giggling about her and making comments about her sluttish behaviour.

When I heard the bathroom door open I waited until she was back in the lounge before returning to bed, When she finally came to bed we had great sex and I fantasized about her being the town w**** and f****** her male colleagues





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6 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Briorm, your wife likes to f-uck, simple as that. She has a p-ussy and likes to have d-icks in it. Although most women don't admit it they would f-uck all night long if they could get away with it. Your D-ick can't f-uck all night long, maybe 5 or 6 times a night on a good night because you have to keep getting it hard; she however doesn't need to do anything except open her p-ussy to anyone or group she wants to f-uck and drain them all dry, waiting for more. Babs started out with one man as a birthday present I gave her. Less than 2 years later, with a little encouraging from me, she got a hotel room with almost 20 men on a Friday night and f-ucked non<x>stop till Sunday night. The only time she stopped was to visit the restroom, I know because I was one of the men. In reality, most women must f-uck to get their jobs, then f-uck more to get raises and promotions, then f-uck more to keep those jobs. On the job, your wife's p-ussy is a professional tool and if she uses it right, complies with the demand, and says nothing to others at work, you may both be able to retire early. Babs is now part of management because she has f-ucked upper management so often and still does. She has a hotel room just for that and secretly record each time she f-ucks someone. If they ever want to fire her, she has a lot of ammunition to keep her job and even get larger bonuses. She enjoys the f-ucking, but she's neither a sloppy ***** nor is she stupid.

i totally agree with married2bf.

I sure hope you've told her how much you know and how much you love her for every breath that she takes and every man that she *****. Wouldn't you like her to tell you the details and share the friendship of your partnership?

Turned on guy says about showing her work colleagues but presumably there were others enjoying the view, it seems very common to me. She needs to remember these are at the end of the day are her work colleagues and you suggested they were making derogatory comments, so perhaps they wern't impressed. I take they wern't dressed in such slutty clothing<br />
<br />
Judging by the way she dresses I wouldn't be surprised if she is providing other 'services' for her mates and probably anyone else who asks.

i go with u guy... she seems to b giving some hints..

You should talk with your wife about her dress. Obviously, she wants to start a new chapter in her life, and since she got dressed in front of you -- sans panties -- and showing everything to both you and her friends, she's just waiting for you to ask to get involved. The possibilities are endless!<br />
<br />
And how about posting some pix of her in that outfit. Share her with the rest of us . . . .