If I Pick Them

If I pick them she thinks I am trying to make her look like a tramp.  I can't say **** here, because she is an admitted ****, but doesn't want to be "made" to dress the part.  If she picks the clothes then what ever she picks is fine.  She will show plenty of cleavage and leg and even has some nice sheer stuff that I bought her, but it has to be her decison, what she wears when.  Fine by me, I think she is sexy, no matter what

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Women are fickle like that - as long as it is their decision they are fine with it.

She doesn't have any coworkers but I get your point. I have told her she can **** whomever she wants, I just want to at least watch, hopefully participate

I bought my wife sexy clothes to wear for work and parties. Within a few months, her coworker was ******* her. Hope that's okay with you if your wife does the same. (It's okay with me.)

Was she already a hot wife or was that the start of something new?