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Night Out

I love to plan a night out with the mrs where I talk her into wearing a short skirt to show off her sexy legs and if I get her aroused enough and eventually talk her into shedding her panties give a lucky bystander a good view of more. Every now and then she will oblige and go pantyless after she is worked up. On one of our adventures after a few hours we were at a bar for a drink and the way she was sitting on a stool by the bar in a corner exposed her ***** to others. A few guys and a woman or to obviously caught a glimpse and it was fun watching them wander over our way several times to see more. One of the guys after a few trips our way caught my wifes attention and she opened her legs more and moved on her stool to give the gent a full shot of her *****. It was definitely a fun and erotic evening and when we left she was so worked up she asked me find a dark corner to **** her for a quick minute before we got to our car.
psb513 psb513 41-45 3 Responses Nov 3, 2013

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Great! I enjoy the easy access when my wife goes commando. A chance to sneak a few additional touches here and there.

Hell ... love her style ... not only does she go commando but happily parts her legs now and again to give a better view ... perfect!!

Hell yes....the way it ought to be.