I Love My Girlfriend Looking At Naked Men...

When my girlfriend did her art course, she had to draw and paint a lot of naked guys, in fact I think all the models were men. She is very interested in the body, and also a very sexual person. In one sitting she told me that the model, who had a very large penis, sat directly facing her in a chair, with his legs apart, looking at her and smiling. She told me she was embarrassed, but I could tell she found the experience very erotic. It must have been quite intense for her, having to draw this guy naked with him staring at her, especially because of the size of his member. I can imagine him sitting there cockily, confident in his ability to please women, loving my girlfriend's embarrassment at having to draw him, her embarrassment compounded by her shameful feeling of arousal. Even though he wasn't doing or saying anything, he was in complete control of the situation. His suggestive smile telling my girlfriend that he knew how aroused she was getting by the situation...

I would love something like this to happen again with my girlfriend. What would make it even better in my mind would be if the model came up to my girlfriend afterwards and gave her his number, telling her to call him if she ever wanted to go for a drink sometime.......

I have to admit, I do find it arousing when my girlfriend looks at other guys' penises, especially when they are bigger than mine! A few times when we've watched p*rn together, I've caught her staring open-mouthed at some of the huge c*cks some of the guys inevitably have, occasionally gasping or saying "wow!" In one scene one of the actors was particularly well-hung, and my girlfriend said that it must be fake. I told her it was definitely real, and that unfortunately quite a lot of guys out there are much bigger "down there" than I am. She looked sorry for me, but I think she knows I'm okay with it. I have also told her recently that I don't mind her "cheating" on me with a well-endowed guy so she can see what it's like. I could tell she was turned-on by the idea, but also very nervous about actually doing it. I just know that if it ever actally did happen, she would be blown away by how much she enjoyed it. Though I've never told my girlfriend, in all honesty, I do fanatsize about being cuckolded by my girlfriend a lot! 

In the mean time, I would love it if my girlfriend went to some more life drawing classes!

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It turns me on to watch **** with my wife. She will be rubbing my little **** with her hand while watching someone with a **** that is twice as long and twice as thick as mine ******* the hell out of a *****. I know it turns her on, though she is hesitant to admit it. It makes me feel insignificant and underhung, which is something I like too.

I know what you mean. My wife doesn't mention ***** a lot, says she is really attracted to who and what a man is. Sometimes though she does pay attention to just how big some ***** are. She enjoys very long ones but the big thing is the thickness. So thickness more than anything on a reasonable length **** just makes her jaw drop and I love it! In fact, I would love for her to find a big guy for her to play. :)