In The Restaurant

My wife is a private person, but will dress sexy and flirt with me when she feels safe.  The main such location is a restaurant with booths.  She will wear a short dress and let it ride up so long as there is a table cloth.  However the servers can certainly see all and often get quite an eyeful while serving us.  Always gives me excitement!!
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Thanks for adding me. My wife is the same way, and we've had quite a bit of fun in restaurants. Here's a story you might like as well:

I used to be a server, and when any of us guys had a low cut dress, or anything to see, we all knew it.


i love my wife dressing up sexy and going out for the the night. i've bought her sexy bras and very low cut tops. she shows a lot of cleavage. one top i bought she couldn't wear a bra with it.she was very clearly not wearing a bra. the top was cut open in the front from her shoulders down to below her **** in the middle and barely covered her nipples. i was so hard all most of the night we almost couldn't make love that night.

I'm approving the same feelings, you have to enjoy it.

My wife dresses very sexy for me and I have had wonderfully sexy experiences, getting under my wife's dresses at the theater. When the lights dim, she will let me get between her legs and little by little, she will spread her legs for me. Typically, she will take off her panties during intermission and that makes it even better. I have mentioned very often that we are salsa dancers. My wife wears revealing clothes and very sexy underwear and thigh highs. Last week I bought her a short little skirt that was quite see thru. She wore it with sheer panties. I was in heaven as I danced with her and even more so as someone else danced with her, because as she was twirled, her adorable body was in view for all the guys around the dance floor to see. And there were many who I could tell enjoyed what they saw. She made no attempt to hold down her skirt. I asked her if she was enjoying herself, and she said, impishly, that she liked being noticed.

As it would me were I the waiter!