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Long Legs Short Skirt Wife!

My first wife was 5-10 125lbs slender with long legs and she worked at a womens clothing shop so she had access to the latest styles at discounted prices. Since she was so tall and thin to find skirts that fit her snug she had to buy from girls section so length seemed to always be shorter than most. She usally preferred tight skirts and dresses that showed off her cute butt and flat tummy along with her long legs, put those with 4" heels and she was very sexy. I know from going to parties where sitting on a couch her skirt rode up emarrassingly high or at bars where she showed alot of thigh with her legs crossed both places seemed to attract men and they didnt seem to care she was married. The more they drank the more comments they made and the bolder they become with touching her. I heard many times and at least of the time they didnt know I was her husband about look at that sexy ***** and look how short that dress is I bet she would be hot in bed. She seemed to enjoy the attention and the comments about how she looked and dressed. Her store actually got her a few local modeling jobs I even heard other women comment on how sexy she looked and that dress/skirt was made for her. I enjoyed her being noticed and sexy but she liked it more.
1stexhub 1stexhub 51-55, M 2 Responses Dec 27, 2011

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I think u are very lucky getting this cool lady as ur wife

my husbend luvs to see me wearing short skirts in public. a feu weaks ago we went a bit further. i had put on a black dress that he bought for me a few years ago. it still fits but whith washing it has srunk sum. so its alot shorter than it was realy suposed to be. when he saw me in it along with my high heals. he bent me over and f;-)d the hell out of me. well after that he got an idea (if you have seen any of my other post you already know. he loves for me to leav *** on my body and go out in public) so he got my butplug and put it in my c--t so his load couldent get out. we then went to look for sumwher to go. he thought of just the place. he turnd into a home depo and let me out. i removed the plug as i got out(ofcores i had no pantys on)he then drove down to the area wher thay keap all the plants and stuf outsied and found a good spot to park and wait for me. as i walked i could feal all his c..m runing down my thighs. i alredy had sum atention as i got ther. two old guys (employs) that wear asembeling a swing, a black man just stoped and leand on a post, and wat looked to be a father and son. i started looking at flawers and bending over acting like i was reading price tags. my husbend told me later that from wher he was siting further away he could see the sun glistening off of the c..m on my leags and my bear and exposed p:-)y. after a few more men had got a good look i went on and walked to the car and got in. he had goten so turnd on he had taken out his d..k jerked off. he had his hat over his lap. when he moved it he had c..m allover his other hand and his still half hard d--k. so we went to a more secluded area of the parking lot and licked him clean. after that he took me out to drink a feu margaretas and eat. that turnd out to be another good story.