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Inside My Wife's Blouse.

There is something about peeking down my wife's blouse that really turns me on.  I have bought my wife many bras over the years and love to see which one she has on at any given moment.  I also love it when she lets me unbutton several of the buttons on her blouse and she lets others have a glimpse.

She has quite a collection of sexy bras.  Often times, after I buy them, I modify them.  If there is a liner, it is gone before she gets it.  I love it best when the end result is a totally sheer bra.  I also love her wearing half cup and even quarter cup bras.  Seeing her nipple poking above her bra is a real turn on for me.

Once, in Jamaica, I got her to wear a half-cup bra and matching bikini panties as a bathing suit.  When it got wet it was totally sheer.  I loved watching all the guys checking her out.  After getting out of the water and laying on our blankets, she fell asleep (or pretended to) and I slipped her straps off her shoulders and pushed her bra cup lower exposing her nipples.   It was such a turn on.  When she woke, she looked down and saw she was exposed.  She winked at me and told me I was a naughty boy.  Nope.  She didn't adjust her suit.  She left her nipples out there for all to see.  My **** was hard as a rock and when we finally went back to our room, we ****** like rabbits.  No, we didn't close the curtains nor did we turn off the lights.  No doubt, we put on quite a show.

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Great story. My wife sometimes has showed her nips in hotel hot tubs. She has a very low cut swimsuit and a large bust with large nipples. A little teasing and the nips are hard and she often, on purpose I think, manages to slip a nipple or breast out. She won't admit it but she loves to show them!

Magnificent! Nothing better than a few buttons undone down to my wife's sexy French lingerie that exposes the top of her breasts.

The simple erotic site of seeing my lovely wife's French made lingerie bra from a small peak from her unbuttoned shirt is so fine and arousing for me. Too, a worn out blouse or shirt with a small tear in it, near its pocket, is the cause for some exciting sex. A cotton shirt knotted at the waist with her bra showing is heaven on earth.

It wasn't a bathing suit. It was a half-cup bra with matching panties that I had bought for her from I don't remember the brand. I normally only buy her sheer bras made of the thinnest material and if there are la<x>yers, I cut the extra ones out. In this case, I wanted her to wear it as a bathing suit so it was a little more substantial but not too much so. It originally had a hard foam lining that I removed so when it got wet her nipples were totally visible causing my **** to get very hard. The icing on the cake is when her straps fell down and her nips popped out. To this day, I don't know if she did it on purpose or not.

of course she did it on purpose! wake up man, women only do something if they want to.

great story. agree bras are the best way to entice a guy & what with a shelf or open nipple ones. they highlight the racks. now keen to buy one for my wife...

I agree bras can be so erotic....shelf bras are best - sexy lacy with most of the breast and all of the nipple exposed. Nothing sexier than a nipple showing thru a sexy sheer silky shirt!

My hubby agrees!

Love your story! I have a passion for exposing my wife's breasts over the top of a quarter cup or half cup bra. I also enjoy getting her to where sheer bras to work under a sheer blouse so your dark nipples show through! One of my fav turn ons is having her wear a balck quarter cup bra under her blouse when we go out and then unbutton her blouse until it falls open exposing her breasts for all to see! She has always had a few by then so its easy for her to pretend not to even notice her display!

My wife never wears a bra - except for work or seeing her mother!<br />
I love bra-less ****! It should be made comulsory by law (providing that they are **** worth showing, of course!)<br />
If you want to see my wife, just contact me on my email address. Do the same.<br />
Thanks,<br />
Kevin.<br />

Love to see her in person.

love it

Love the story Syt. Very erotic. TY

Yes agree, there is nothing better than my wife's niples showing through a lacy bra or the down the top view of the tops of her breast's. I also get my wife's bra's for Christmas & Birthdays. That way she is wearing bra's that are going to show the most of her great breast's.