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Prude Wife.

My wife Lynn is basically a prude.  That being said, she also likes to please me and I do the same for her.  Last night we had decided to go bowling and she let me pick out her clothes.  Her only rule was that her **** and ***** had to be covered.  Since I am a boob man, I was a little disappointed but figured I'd make the best of it.

I guess I should at this point tell you my wife wears a 36D bra and has nipples that extend out a half inch when she is aroused.

First I picked out a wrap denim skirt that was about two inches above her knees.  My wife doesn't like thongs so for panties, I chose a lace pantie that I had recently purchased for her from Adam & Eve shops.  It was open crotch so her shaving ***** was subject to being exposed if her skirt lifted up.  Next, I chose a ultra sheer red bra with a clasp in the front that was adjustable.   Depending upon the three positions on the clasp, her nipples were uncovered.  For a blouse, I chose a thin beige fitted shirt that buttoned up the front.  It was very low cut and the buttons only came as high as her bra so her cleavage was available for all to enjoy.  On top of that, I added a vest that was too tight for her to button.  It covered her **** but if she moved, anyone close by would have a pretty good view. 

Before leaving the house, I enacted Jamaica Rules.  For those of you that don't know what those are, it is very simple.  Every time my wife went to the bathroom, she would have to undue a button on her blouse, remove her bra or something else that would expose her **** more.   Lynn enacted home rules.  Home rules says that if I go to the bathroom, she gets to button or put something on to cover up her ****.  I decided it was time to create a new rule for bowling allies. I told her that if any action taken under home rules had to be done right there in public - no hiding.

As we were leaving the house, Lynn told me to back the car out of the garage while she used the bathroom one last time.  As soon as she fastened her seat belt, I reached up, unfastened a button and reached in and felt her breast. As I eased her nipple above her bra I winked and said "Jamaica rules".   I had her and she knew it.  Her blouse was now unbuttoned below her bra and the red material was clearly in view.  Her nipples were covered, but it was still awesome to see her bra.

Our first stop was McDonald's drive through for a quick bite to eat.  Lynn was a little uncomfortable but rules were rules.  At the drive through, we first had to pay this cute little chick at the first window and then pull up to the second window.  The cute little chick saw my wife's red bra and gave me a little smile.  At the second window, the attendant was a guy in his mid 50's and his eyes were glued on Lynn's chest as he passed me the food.  I handed it to Lynn and in so doing pushed the vest out of the way so he could get a good look at her **** through the sheer material of her blouse and bra.  Lynn was focused on the food and hadn't noticed that I had done that.  I looked at the attendant and his eyes were still glued on Lynn's chest.  I wanted to give him a little thrill to think on the rest of his shift so I reached over and slid my hand inside Lynn's blouse and fondled her breast.  She slapped my hand gently and told me I was so bad.  As I withdrew my hand, I lifted her blouse away from her chest so that the attendant could see her red see-through bra without the blouse covering it.  Her nipple was totally hard and visible.  The attendant told the meal was free and to come back anytime.  I thanked him and we were on our way.

At the bowling ally, my wife excused herself to go to the ladies room while I got us a lane and a couple beers.  On her return, I noticed she had removed her vest to comply with Jamaica rules.  Man she looked hot.  The red of her bra showed through her blouse and her nips were hard as rocks.  Her blouse was still unbuttoned below her bra and with each move, her blouse would fall away from her chest and give a magnificent view of her bra encased ****. 

The two guys playing in the ally next to ours really got an eyeful and commented to me about how lovely my date was.  When my wife went up to bowl, I told them about Jamaica rules and within seconds, they had bought my wife several more beers to drink.  When she saw them, she turned to the guys and said, "I know what you guys are trying to do."  We all had a good laugh and introductions were made. their names were Joe and Steve.  My wife quickly guzzled down two beers and they were beginning to have the effect I was praying for.  She was getting into the mood of things and her prude nature was over for the night.  Every time it was her turn to bowl she made sure she bend over in their direction and let them see her bra.  Joe and Steve finished their game, they asked if they could join us since they had to vacate their lane.  Lynn welcomed them before I could say anything.

After her third beer, she was on the way to the ladies room again.     I too had to go so we headed for the rest rooms together.  After I peed, I waited for her to come out of the ladies room.  On her exit, I noticed she hadn't unbuttoned or removed anything so I challenged her on it.  She tried to say it was a free trip but I told her no.  While she was permitted to unbutton in private, she had to button in public so this was going to cost her.  Lynn relented and unfastened another button.  After doing so, she reached into her pocket book and pulled out her panties and handed them to me.  She said she wanted to give me a thrill by giving me these. 

At our ally, I place her panties on the table next to our beers and took my turn bowling.  The guys were beside themselves.  With her panties on the table and her blouse pretty much totally undone they were all eyes on Lynn.  Joe complimented Lynn on how good she looked.  Lynn, now in a playful mood, lifted her blouse and asked Joe if he liked this look better.  Joe's tongue hit the floor as he drank in her bra and noted how sheer it was.  I had been sitting between Joe and Steve but it was my turn to bowl so when I got up, Lynn took my place. 

After my turn, as I returned to the table to write my score, I noticed that Lynn had Joe's hand in hers and was pressing it to her breast as she was telling hims something.  As I came into hearing range, I could tell she was telling him the "Little Red Riding Hood" joke.  You know the one, it goes like: "...Little red riding hood was walking through the forest when the big bad wolf came out and said she should ***** off her clothes so he could **** her.  Little Red Riding Hood told the big bad wolf that her had to eat her just as the nursery rhyme said."  As we all listened, Joe's fingers were flicking Lynn's nipple.  I loved it and winked my approval to Joe.  Steve picked up on my wink and reached over and unfastened the last button on Lynn's blouse.  As he pulled her blouse off her chest, her sexy bra covered breasts jiggles slightly and her nipples grew to their full length.  Joe contined to flick her nipple through her bra as Steve and I looked on.  Lynn had a glazed look on her face and seemed to be right on the edge of an ******.  I glanced at Steve and gave him the go-ahead to touch Lynn's other breast.  He cupped her bra covered breast and moved his fingers to her nipple to give it a tweak.  I wanted to join in so I slid my hand up under Lynn's skirt seeking out her *****.  It was drenched.  Lynn's hands went to both Steve's and Joe's package...

I suggested we go back to our place to finish our conversation.  Joe and Steve readily agreed.   Lynn said as long as someone makes her *** she didn't care where we went.  I reached up and unfastened her bra (front closures are great) and then pulled her blouse over her ****.  Jamaican rules forbid her from fastening any buttons so as we walked out of the bowling ally, the other guys there were treated to a magnificent sight of my wife's breasts as they swayed into view with her every step. 

What happened next is much hotter than is appropriate for this board but it was certainly a night to remember.  My **** is getting hard just thinking about the fun time we had.


syt247 syt247 61-65, M 7 Responses Jan 30, 2010

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man that never happens at my bowling alleys. Sure wish it did. you have caused me to get a big stiff just thinking about that. Lucky guys.

pls do share what happened next.... we are waiting to hear it....

Great story. Please finish the evening, even if under a different topic.

What a fantastic outing. Wish I could have seen it. I love my wife to show off in public, but she has never done anything as sexy as what you've just described. Great!!!

Tell me; Where and when do you two bowl.................?

Even "prude's" let their hair down and get carried away while under the influence of alcohol.

so a "prude" ends up ******* 3 guys?? i