My Wifes Pantys

my wife likes to show off her pantys, she wears white shorts,skirts and pants that show her panty off.i tell her i can see her panty very clear,and she just laughs it off and says "no you cant".when she wears a white skirt it has to be see thru all the time,i wonder if she wants to get stared at by men? when we go hopping she always picks the stuff on the low isles and seems to bend over for everything,but the other way and i cant see anything? do you think she like to show off her pantys or is she loking for more?
toelover77 toelover77
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

i am tryin to make her go to next step.i actually like it when she shows her *** off and her rear cameltoe.she really like shown panty big time.and all of her pantys are see thru and can see her panty or panty line all the time.she has a deep bit in her *** so her jeans ride way up deep,also her cameltoe is very you think she knows shes teasing other men and maybe women..we recently had a party and a girl she knows i was with was here,just the three of us,a song came on and they started to thing they were kissing,so got involved too and started kissing *** feeling both thier ******,then my wife stoped and didnt want to go any further...but i got secret head of the other...u think she wants a 3some with a woman as well as a man?

Maybe both. What if you encouraged her to do more? maybe she would go the next step. How do you feel about that?

I want to watch her and take turns banging her.just don't know where to start

Very simple, just be honest and pick the right time to talk. Tell her how you feel and see where it goes.

fill your pain. I so want to share mine with another man. She won't do it ,so all I have is the fantasy.. Which I jerk off to all the time. I also have several pics of her in panties I show to men on line and watch them shoot off to her. It turns me on. So just be honest and tell her your desire.Maybe she would embrace the idea