Panties Peeking

It makes my day when I see a peek of panties or can see a visible panty line. I am always looking for panty peeks or visible panty lines. Love seeing upskirts, panties above the waistband and also panties through clothing. Its such a thrill when a woman is showing her panties and she has no idea, to see what panties a woman is wearing is so erotic and gets me so horny. Its amazing how many woman are showing there panties and have no idea there panties are on display. No matter where I go I am always checking for panty peeks, upskirts or visible panty lines and usually I always am rewarded with seeing some type of panty peek. My wife knows I am always checking for others showing there panties and my wife also loves to see them, see loves seeing them before I do and then letting me know, or sometimes she does not let me know and she describes them to me later, not sure which is hotter actually seeing them or having my wife describe what she saw to me later. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple
Mar 7, 2013