Moment Of Solace

I love her womanly whims, she selfishly demands to be pleased and I am happy to oblige. I am addicted to her aroma.  We make love in the strangest of places.  Once We visted the history museum parking lot at 10pm. 

She called, she wanted to get out of the house.  She only wanted to talk.  I couldn't control the urge whilst consoling her I needed to express my support, my desire to let her know I am there for her by touching her.  I didn't want to outright go to the brim of lovemaking I waned to console her.  We teased, enjoyed the drive, the thought, the anticipation of our next love-making experience.  Mmmmmmmmm  it was amazing.  She was wearing a long wrap around dress.  Yea!  When was the last time you saw a woman free enough to wear one of those.  Well she was quite comfortable in wearing the particular dress that had the lion of Judah on it.  She was so sexy.  I loved the way her breast hung.  Not only was she bra-less she was also pantiless.  Her breast and lips seem to always invite me to touch, kiss, devour them. 

That night was no different.  I could feel the energy between us increasing as the distance between us decreased. 

thegoddessmystique thegoddessmystique
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You're a talented writer.:)

Delicious story :)