Yes i to have a myspace it used to be an addiction but not so much in the last few years.. i keep it up so i can talk to my friends from back home... keep up with them see what.. who.. and how.. there doing from time to time.... Its a nice inexpensive and impersonal way to keep in touch... and it has a birthday  Also lots more pictures...; )

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mine to.. i have a facebook now...; ) they just updated the features so very easy to navigate.

Authentic - you don't know how excited I was when I realized that I no longer had to agonize over when my friends' birthdays were! I always remember the month, but very rarely the day. <br />
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Silver - never tried facebook, but myspace has the picture tagging thing too now.

You might like it. I keep in touch with some friends from HS and college on there. And its easy to track down my sisters and see what kind of shanogans they are getting into.

ive never been on facebook... hmmm.. i must be a loser..; )

I like facebook better. Less random adult spam (actually I dont think there is any) <br />
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And the face book picture tagging thing is cool