My Son's Favorite

What's funny is, is that I hated this show at first,but my 16 ,almost 17 year old  son likes it,so I would watch it with him,and now I'm a fan of it..It took several months, but now I don't mind watching it with him :) I like how it's not a serious,boring show,but that it's funny and informative.It's a good show.
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2011

Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows, I even enjoy some of the reruns

My kids love that show too...and now have the book...LOL..

Nothing beats a good mix of science, humour and blowing things up, coy!<br />
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I, too, began watching Mythbusters because my teenage son likes it, and it was a good way to spend some time with him. It also raises questions in his mind which he asks me afterwards, and if I can't answer them, we research on the net together.