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I do like being naked dong normal things. Like hanging out here on the computer. I have mowed the lawn and have hurd of others doing that as well. I have had my picture taken at a few nudist resort activtys. These pictures most these were to stay at the resort. There was one at Lake Como where we were permoting Singles in some naturest magizine witch I naver saw. Another at a resort doing the AANR July world's  records skinnydip. In witch It was such a mass of people you could not make them out. But I was there but to find me in that picture forget it. Looking at it and knowing where I was. I was to be seen. But I do like looking at others enjoying there time and posibly trying what thay were doing as well.

nude55 nude55 56-60, M 1 Response Jan 2, 2010

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Hi nude 55, yup you can't find me in the picture of the 2009 record skinny dip but I'm there in the lake with everyone else at the Turtle Lake Resort. Last year I spent the skinny dip record day at Forest Hills Club, I'm on the TV news footage for a few seconds. Never realized the cameras were pointed in my direction, nobody's ever mentioned it so I assume I wasn't recognized.