My Story

it all started when I was seven and I found some pull ups in my nightstand for a boy my mom babysat. I tried a pair on and I liked it a lot! I decided I would sneak into my room and lock the door and wear mom didn't like that at all . Later on I had peed in one and had to throw it away and being a seven yr old I just decided I would put it in a plastic bag and take it to the trash can. My mom caught me and said "what are you doing, don't lie either" I refused and said nothing she then said to never lie to her again....ok now were up to present time and I enjoy wearing goodnites to bed and when my ppl aren't home after school. Now adays my brother stays after school for baseball so I have time to go and buy more and use or wear them . :) I am a happy big kid now. I now use them frequently and love sleeping in them the end .
jobobnappies jobobnappies
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012