Shopping And Cleaning

Today I went to the supermarket in an Abena M4 and Joggers, it was noticeable but not really obvious but great fun for me!

When I came back I had the house to myself and needed to clean the bathroom so ******** down to just my nappy, climbed in the shower and started scrubbing. Cleaned and mopped the floor in just my nappy, it felt great.

I'm now sat in my joggers and a tshirt in the same nappy, now quite wet.
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26-30, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I did this while out shopping in the supermarket earlier, I was browsing the shelves with my hand in my shorts pocket and felt myself through the plastic absent mindedly stroking and getting harder until I realised I just had to make myself ***. It was great fun trying not to make it too obvious what I was doing and had a great *********** in the shop with others around me and very difficult to stifle that groan of ecstasy as my *** shot into my nappy. What would you have done if you saw me doing that and noticed my nappy & plastic pants peeking above the waistband of my shorts.